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Croctober is bringing plenty of deals on Crocs — score pairs for as little as $15

Sorry to the haters, but Crocs are actually pretty good for your feet.
Crocs; Urban Outfitters

Between the return of low-rise jeans and the rise of cargo pants, the past few years have given us plenty of unexpected trends. But none are quite as shocking as the recent popularity of one of the most hotly debated shoes in history: Crocs.

They've always been a go-to for anyone who favors comfort in their footwear, but now the clunky slip-on shoes have officially gone mainstream. The company's Classic Clog has held a steady place on the Amazon bestsellers list for over a year now and is currently the No. 2 bestselling item across all clothing, shoe and jewelry options on the site.

While it may come as a shock to some, it's not that hard to see why the shoes are so popular: They're comfortable, affordable and easy to slip on when you're headed out the door to run a quick errand — and, as podiatrist Dr. Miguel Cunha tells us, they're not too bad for your feet either. We're breaking down what you need to know about the brand, including its popularity and the top shoes to shop (including many that are on sale!), below.

Are Crocs good for your feet?

Fans of Crocs will be happy to hear that the controversial shoes actually do have quite a few benefits. To start, Cunha says that they have a wide toe box, so they accommodate your forefoot comfortably. "You don't want crowding of the toes, as that can exacerbate pre-existing conditions such as bunions, hammer toes and neuromas. So, there's definitely wiggle room, which makes the forefoot comfortable," he says.

There's also an anatomical arch designed into the shoe, which hugs your arch comfortably, Cunha adds. "They're lightweight, so they're not clunky and it's easy to just comfortably slip them on and slip them off." A lot of them also have antimicrobial properties and are breathable, too.

For all those reasons, Cunha says that they're good for people who stand for long periods of time (think: Teachers, hairstylists, baristas, healthcare professionals and the like). He adds that he used to wear them when he was doing his residency.

"[Crocs] could be used comfortably inside the house, and for those types of professions where you're standing and walking," he says.

But, like basically all shoes, they don't work for every occasion — and there are some drawbacks. The straps of the brand's traditional clogs aren't tight on your foot and can't be adjusted, so they're not always secure, Cunha says. As a result, people may trip or grip onto the shoe more with their toes, which can cause tendonitis or foot fatigue. So if you're planning on walking a lot, the brand does make enclosed styles, which he says may be preferable, as they're more secure to the foot. You also shouldn't be running in them, and they should mainly be used indoors, he adds.

Though with those considerations in mind, he says that they are a shoe that he recommends. "They are a good shoe."

Are Crocs cool?

Sorry to the haters, but most signs are pointing to yes.

While the brand has been around since 2002, in the last year, Crocs' business has skyrocketed. According to a release from the brand, in 2022, the company reported a record-high revenue of $3.6 billion — which was a nearly 54% increase from 2021.

In the last few years, Crocs has also had quite a few high-profile collaborations, working with celebrities like Justin Bieber, SZA, Bad Bunny and more on limited-edition styles. The brand has also ventured into the designer world, collaborating with Balenciaga and Salehe Bembury, proving themselves to be an undeniable (yet surprising) force in the fashion world.

Aside from the comfort factor, part of the brand's appeal comes from the fact that they don't shy away from their uniqueness, which invites customers to do the same.

"We know what our brand stands for," Lucy Thornley, Crocs’ vice president global trend, design and product management previously told Shop TODAY. "We stand for comfort and ease and versatility, but we also really stand for boldness and self-expression. And we're highly inclusive, we invite humans to join our brand — they can be themselves in the product that they wear, and that's one of the reasons that we think that we have phenomenal success, right? Comfort is a macro trend and it's something that we know the consumer wants, but we believe that we're also building our brand to feel incredibly trend-relevant. And we're giving consumers multiple options to engage with the brand and accept themselves with the brand as well."

There are plenty of styles to choose from. So for anyone tempted to try out the trend, we're highlighting a handful of editor-loved, bestselling and on-trend options to consider.

Crocs to wear

Classic Clog

You can't go wrong with the brand's classic style. The shoes have an impressive nearly five-star rating from more than 537,000 ratings, with many shoppers saying they were former Crocs haters who were converted after trying them out for the first time.

And Shop TODAY's own SEO associate editor Kamari Stewart had a similar experience. "I was a Crocs hater turned lover and I literally wear mine every day," she says. "A friend bought them for me for Christmas a few years ago in a bright turquoise color and I unashamedly wear them all the time now."

Editorial director Adrianna Brach is also a fan. She calls the lavender version of the Classic Clog her "go-to house slippers" and adds that she even got another pair to wear while running errands.

Women's Classic Platform Clog

Commerce photo editor Kara Birnbaum has the platform version of the Classic Clogs, and they converted her from a Crocs hater to a fan. These shoes are said to have all the comfort and durability of the original, but with a 1.6-inch sole, so they're perfect for anyone who needs a little lift.

Classic Adjustable Strap Clogs

One of Cunha's qualms about the original clogs was that the strap was not adjustable, that's why we love this updated version, which can be adjusted so it fits securely on your foot. While they can be worn at home or around the yard, they're designed to be slip-resistant so it's the perfect work shoe.

On-The-Clock Work Slip-On

Another top pick for anyone looking for a comfortable work shoe, the brand says that these slip-on clogs are designed for long days and nights. They're designed to meet workplace standards with an enclosed toe and heel and be slip-resistant and extra comfortable with added arch support.

Brooklyn Low Wedge

If you're intrigued by the brand but aren't totally sold on its signature style, try these sandals instead. The shopper-loved shoes have the stylish design of a classic wedge sandal but also feature an adjustable strap and a LiteRide foam footbed, which the brand says provides all-day comfort.

"I never thought I’d say Crocs are 'elegant' but these platform sandals have such a classic look, I’ve worn them with dresses to work and happy hour with friends," associate editor Shannon Garlin shared about the shoes. "Both times I’ve dressed them up I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and blurted out 'They’re Crocs! Can you believe it?!' Those same friends have asked me to forward them the link because they wanted a pair, too."

Classic Crocs Slide

Whether you're headed on a beach vacation or out to the store, you'll appreciate having these comfortable sandals on hand. They seem like they'd be even more breathable than other styles, which makes them a good choice it you tend to run hot.

Classic Crush Clogs

Another platform option from the brand, these Crush Clogs come in plenty of different colors, including Digital Violet, Fuchsia Fun and White. You can throw on some of the brand's signature Jibbitz charms to add an even more fun flair to the shoes.

Jibbitz for Crocs

Crocs Barbie Car

We all want to be living in a "Barbie world" right now! And that means all pink everything to our wardrobes. And while most of the products from their Barbie collaboration are now sold out, you can still grab this fun Barbie Car charm to add some pink flair to your Crocs.

Crocs Jibbitz 13-Pack Shoe Charms

Think of Jibbitz as accessories for your Crocs — they're an easy way to dress them up and show a little more of your personality. This 13-pack comes with a range of fun charms that you can mix and match to spice up your look.

Crocs Jibbitz Drink Shoe Charms

Cheers to you! With options including champagne, coffee, beer and even a Moscow mule, you can always sport your favorite drink on your footwear with these fun charms.

Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Gold Shoe Charms

Jibbitz Charms are designed to fit all sizes of Crocs shoes, from kids to adults. Add a heart from this pack to your favorite pair of sandals or pop the mushroom on your classic clogs.

Crocs Jibbitz Harry Potter Shoe Charms

Whether you're a fan of classic Disney movies or the "Star Wars" saga, you can find a Jibbitz pack that will let you rep your favorite movies, books and TV shows. "Harry Potter" fans will love this pack, which features iconic symbols and logos from the series.

Meet our expert

  • Dr. Miguel Cunha, DPM, is a podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare in New York City. His interests include all areas of podiatric medicine with an emphasis on cosmetic surgery and sports medicine injuries.