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The top 8 books of 2019, according to bestselling authors

Jasmine Guillory and Téa Obreht shared their favorite reads of 2019 with TODAY.

Start the New Year off right by adding some of the best books of 2019 to your list for the new year!

New York Times bestselling authors Jasmine Guillory and Téa Obreht stopped by TODAY to share some of their favorite reads from the year. Guillory, author of the bestselling romance "Royal Holiday," picked novels that range from a lush high-school story to an emotionally packed, graphic memoir.

Obreht, the author behind the bestseller "Inland," recommended several thrillers and a two-for-one memoir, but no reader can go wrong with any of their recommendations!

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Jasmine Guillory's Picks

"Full Disclosure" by Camryn Garrett

This romantic, realistic novel about a young woman trying to navigate the trials of high school and the highs and lows of adolescence while hiding an HIV diagnosis is a must-read for both teens and adults. Despite grappling with heavy subject matter, it remains light and humorous while still encompassing real emotion.

"Fumbled" by Alexa Martin

Hilarious, smart, and filled with memorable characters, this sports-themed romance ropes you in and doesn't let up until the very end. Guillory said that she was "sad to stop hanging out with all of" the characters once she reached the end of the book. Named one of NPR's Best Books of 2019, it's a perfect read to start the New Year.

"The Revisioners" by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

This winding, lyrical novel tells the story of several generations and the different eras they live in through the lens of one family. The novel focuses on exploring the depths of women's relationships, the endurance of hope and trauma across centuries, and the bonds between mothers and their children.

Guillory said that the thrilling, taut novel made her think about her life and the world, in "a whole different way."

"Good Talk" by Mira Jacobs

This eye-opening graphic memoir has been named one of the best books of the year by outlets like The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and TIME Magazine. What starts as mother and author Mira Jacobs answering the questions of her six-year-old son quickly evolves into something deeper as Jacobs considers where her own ideas and knowledge came from.

Witty, creative, and wholly unique, it's the perfect read for someone looking to add something new to their bookshelf.

Téa Obreht's Picks

"Miracle Creek" by Angie Kim

This "spellbinding whodunnit" is more than its mystery. The thrilling read starts with a horrible accident but grows to explore the aftershocks of that accident in a tightly-knit community. Angie Kim takes her time revealing the characters' inner lives, making it what Obreht calls "a journey of great emotional depth."

"American Spy" by Lauren Wilkinson

This Cold-War era thriller turns the standard spy novel on its head. Nothing is as it seems, every character has secret motives, and the novel bounces between being a gripping spy story, a heartbreaking family drama, and a passionate romance without missing a beat.

"The Volunteer" by Salvatore Scibona

This electric, propulsive thriller chronicles a life lived on the margins of Vietnam-War era America. Ranging across four generations of fathers and sons, the intense plot starts with a young boy abandoned at an airport and keeps going, resulting in what Obreht calls "a tapestry you will hold your breath to see come together by the end."

"My Parents" by Aleksander Hemon

This hilarious read from Bosnian author Aleksander Hemon actually contains two books in one. The interconnected novels tell the story of his childhood in Sarajevo in one, a biography of his parents and their journey to immigrate to Canada in the other.

The two stories are distinct but impossible to separate, and Hemon fills each line with his signature wit, humor, and stunning writing.

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