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25 easy ways to upgrade and organize your kitchen — starting at $7

Experts share budget-friendly ways to give your space a facelift.
Woman organizing kitchen
Woman on her kitchenkate_sept2004 / Getty Images

As winter days dwindle down, it's about that time to start thinking about refreshing and organizing our spaces — including the kitchen. This means no more digging for the right spice or jamming spoons and spatulas into packed drawers.

To help get your kitchen in tiptop shape, we tapped a few experts for their tips and tricks. Chef and TV show host Elena Besser previously stopped by the 3rd hour of TODAY and Ashley Jones Hatcher, an organization and design expert from Neat Method, stopped by TODAY with Hoda and Jenna to share hacks on how to keep each area of your kitchen organized.

Read on to shop all of their favorite finds, as well as ours, for a clutter-free kitchen, from storage hacks for the fridge to solutions for cluttered cabinets.

Kitchen organization essentials formerly seen on TODAY

Dotted Line Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Are pots and pans over flowing in your cabinets? Besser says it's important to utilize wall space, especially in small kitchens. She says to pick your favorite, most beautiful and well-used items and display them on this wall-mounted pegboard. Coming with 18 interchangeable hooks, they're perfect for pots, pans, spoons, mugs and more!

Stove Shelf Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove

Upgrade your counter-space and add additional storage with this magnetic spice rack organizer. Besser says this keeps all of your favorite cooking spices and oils in arm's reach, so you don't risk burning your food by running to the pantry.

"My tip, install the shelf upside down to create a ledge. That way, when you open and close the oven you won’t have to worry about items sliding off," said Besser.

Ikea Uppdatera Pegboard Drawer Organizer

Besser says this storage hack for your pullout drawers is "a serious game changer", especially for food storage containers. The customizable pegboard comes with 24 hooks, which allows you to choose your own placement depending on the size of your bins, plates or cups.

Simply Essential Cappa Adjustable Tension Rod

"Oftentimes, it feels like there is a lot of height under the sink being underutilized, so that is why this tension rod is key," said Besser.

Tension rods aren't just for hanging shower curtains or clothes. She's says you can maximize that under-the-sink space by easily hanging squirt bottles, cleaning products or other everyday items.

Editor's note: The above product has sold out, but we found a similar option below.

Simply Essential Napoleon Adjustable Single Curtain Rod Set

Homemaid Living Store Bamboo Drawer Organizers

These bamboo dividers are not just aesthetically pleasing, Besser loves them because they fit into most drawers to keep your spatulas and spoons neatly accessible! According to the brand, they expand to 22 inches and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

"If you want to take things a step further, label each section so everyone in your family knows where things are supposed to go when they’re unloading the dishwasher," said Besser.

Strong Like Bull Magnetic Bottle Hanger

If you constantly find yourself looking for a place to put your leftovers, Besser says this genius magnetic hack has a nice look and maximizes your refrigerator space to its full potential. Coming with two strips, each one sticks to your fridge ceiling and has a place to hang three metal-capped bottles.

More kitchen organization essentials

YouCopia Crazy Susan Two Tier Turntable

Keep your most-used spices and pantry items within reach (and easy to find!) with this turntable. According to the brand, it can fit in most standard cabinets and features a non-slip bottom to avoid tumbling accidents.

Simple Human Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

Is your grocery bag collection getting out of hand? Keep them organized and out of the way using this dispenser. It comes with screws for easy mounting, but can also be affixed to your wall or under-shelf space with adhesive tape.

Aimacro Water Bottle Organizer

Water bottle junkies, listen up! Stop cluttering your cabinets with all your travel cups; just use these stackable holders instead! According to the brand, they're durable and made from shatter-free plastic.

Storage Theory Suction Cup Sponge Holder

Thanks to TikTok, Scrub Daddy has become the "it" cleaning product. Now you can make sure to keep yours in tip-top shape with its own holder, which is perfectly shaped to the smiley face sponge and can suction to any clean, smooth surface.

Geyilo Bag Storage Organizer

Never accidentally grab a gallon-sized storage bag instead of a sandwich bag again with the help of these organizers. Each size is labeled directly onto the bamboo, so all you have to do is pack them and add each one to your drawer.

Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers

The best place to store dishes and silverware is near the dishwasher, Hatcher says, for a quick and easy unloading process. With deep drawers and stacking capabilities, these bamboo organizers can be used to neatly arrange your utensils. Bamboo is also a renewable material, says the brand, so it is an environmentally friendly option.

Tall Maple Rack

When preparing meals, it is best to keep your prep items as close to the sink as possible, Hatcher says. To save space, this tall maple rack can hold cutting boards upright for easy accessibility. The one-size design also works well for storing lids, plates, pans, baking sheets and platters.

Wüsthof 14-Slot In-Drawer Knife Tray

Keeping your kitchen knives safely stored in a drawer is a great way to free up valuable countertop space and reduce clutter. The tray is made of durable, densely-grained rubberwood and has a unique wave shape that allows the knives to easily slide out. There are spaces for eight small knives and six large blades.

Storage Technologies WRAPdock Dual Storage Wrap Holder

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this storage essential can hold and dispense various wraps from your drawers. Place plastic wrap, aluminum foil or even parchment paper within this organizer for convenient storage.

iDesign Linus In-Drawer Spice Rack

Keep spices visible and neatly organized with this kitchen drawer rack. The tiered, ribbed design prevents jars from rolling so they will always stay in place. Hatcher suggests alphabetizing your spices to quickly locate the ones you need.

Lipper International Bamboo Turntable

If your oils live on the counter, Hatcher prefers using a pretty tray or turntable, such as the bamboo option above, to display them. Place the turntable on your counter, table or even in a cabinet so you can easily access whatever you choose to put on it. The design also features an outer lip to prevent items from slipping off.

Expandable Bamboo Utensil Tray

Cooking utensils, spices and oils should always be kept near the stove, Hacker says. Designed to expand to fit all of your cooking utensils, this bamboo tray can keep your spoons, spatulas and more organized and easily accessibly. The tray features three large fixed compartments and two adjustable compartments, allowing the tray to expand about 9 inches.

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Using tension to keep them in place, these dividers can be used to create compartments within your drawers for custom organization. If a standard drawer insert does not work for you, these dividers are great for providing more flexibility, Hatcher says. Made with bamboo, the organizers also come with rubber pads to keep them in place.

Large Cabinet Shelf

Using a cabinet shelf is a great way to take advantage of the height inside your cabinets, Hatcher says. This shelf has a simple design and is made from vinyl-coated wire.

iDesign Linus Rectangle Pantry Bin

If you need to declutter your coffee or drink station, clear bins can help corral coffee pods, drink lids and reusable straws, Hatcher says. These clear pantry bins come in a variety of sizes to suit all your organizational needs.

SpaceAid Bag Storage Organizer

Designed to organize food storage bags, this bamboo holder is compatible with brands such as Ziploc, Solimo, Hefty, Glad and GreatValue. The drawer also has labeled compartments for gallon, quart, sandwich and snack size bags so you can easily grab the size you need.

iDesign Linus Pantry Bins

If you are hoping to achieve a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry, these clear bins might be a great solution. Whether you use the bin to store food in the fridge, organize utensils or even store craft supplies, these drawers can maximize much-needed space. The plastic walls also allow you to easily see the contents of each bin.

iDesign Linus Deep Drawer Bins

While the above drawers can be great for smaller items, if you want to organize larger items such as boxes of pasta, crackers or juice boxes, these deeper drawers might do the trick. The integrated handles make it easy to transport the bins, which can also be stacked to save space. The bins can be used both in the fridge and freezer as well.

iDesign Stainless Steel Over The Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Made from stainless steel, this over-the-cabinet paper towel holder makes it so you can keep a roll of paper towels at the ready in any room. The hook is lined with soft rubber to prevent possible scratching to your cabinets.