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By Kerry Breen

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When it comes to cooking and baking, there are a few unique tools that can take your recipes to the next level.

Professional food stylists and members of the TODAY Food team Ashley Holt and Anthony Contrino (the star of TODAY Food's "Saucy"), stopped by the show to talk about some of their favorite kitchen tools. Some are simple, like a microbial sponge that'll keep your dishes sparkling, while others have innovative uses that might take you by surprise.

Whatever your current kitchen situation might be, these products can certainly add some excitement to your cooking collection. See what they picked below!

Ashley's Picks

Antimicrobial Sponges

This non-abrasive, antimicrobial sponge is gentle on dishes while still getting rid of any cooking debris — and when the monogram pattern on top wears out, you'll know it's time to replace it. This particular set includes four sponges, which means you'll be able to do dishes for a while without needing to purchase another set.

Fish Spatula

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Fish spatulas are great for delicate fish, but they can handle so much more! Ashley recommends them for everything from fried eggs to cookies to vegetables. This thin but strong option features a stainless style blade with a heat and water resistant handle that makes usage and cleaning a simple task.

"It's super thin and flexible, so it won't damage the product you're trying to lift [or] flip," she explained. "It also can be used while trying to lift things out of oil."

Bench Scraper

Like the fish spatula, bench scrapers have a lot of different uses. This particular option is great for cutting and separating dough, and the comfortable grip will ensure your hands don't slip during the baking processes. It can also be used to scoop ingredients off of a cutting board so that you don't end up wasting any bit of food.

Anthony's Picks

Concrete Salt Cellar

A good sprinkling of salt can liven up any meal, so keep it in reach (and in style) by adding this cute concrete container to your counter-space. Anthony said he particularly loves that the cellar holds two different types of salt (or any other seasoning you love!).

Cookie Dough Scoop

Make perfectly portioned cookies with these scoops. The soft grip absorbs pressure, and the smooth scoop will help to make your baking experience easier than ever. Since the product is dishwasher safe, cleanup will be a breeze.

"It's not just for cookies," Michael added. "Use it to portion all sorts of stuff, like meatballs. All your scoops will be perfectly portioned and food will cook more evenly since everything is the same size."

Dutch Whisk

Get baking faster with this amazingly functional, Dutch-styled whisk. This particular option has a sleek wooden handle that Anthony calls "ridiculously easy to clean." Amazon reviewers commented on its strength and sturdiness, meaning it can hold up against even the toughest dough.

"[This is] one of my favorite tools," Anthony explained. "Use it to whip up thicker batters in more than half the time of a standard whisk."

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