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This root spray covers my grays in seconds — how to get 30% off

The formula won’t transfer, but it easily washes away with shampoo!
Courtesy Dina Eastwood

At age 57, my hair can’t figure out whether it wants to be dark brown, white, or zebra striped. I’m usually fine with the salt-and-pepper look, but work situations (which require me to be on camera) call for much-needed touch-ups.

Call me non-committal, but I've never permanently dyed my hair before — I typically grab a can of semi-permanent spray-on tint to rein in some of the grays. I've been a repeat user of some of the most well-known root concealers on the market, but recently decided to try something new in the hopes of finding an even better formula. Preferably, one that feels less sticky and chalky and helps my hair retain more movement instead of appearing slightly “stuck together." So, I picked up the touch-up spray by celebrity-favorite brand Style Edit in the shade dark brown.

Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

As is the case with most spray-on root cover-ups, you’ll need to give the Style Edit can a thorough shake before applying it. According to the brand, the temporary formula should be applied 2-3 inches from the root to clean, dry hair to achieve the best results. I sprayed it to my hairline and about an inch back from my forehead, and the product covered my grays beautifully.

After reading up on the root concealer, I found that the secret ingredient is “color-adaptive pigment,” which is designed to work with your natural base color to match your hair tone and even provide shine. I especially appreciate the versatility this product allows. Sometimes, I prefer to leave a little white here and there for a more natural, less monochromatic look. Thanks to the precision nozzle, that’s possible, and I can choose where I want to leave the lighter areas. Best of all, this works magic on an area where my hair is thinning on my right temple, making it look fuller.

Courtesy Dina Eastwood

Not only did my hair look great, but I could also feel a difference. The formula is said to be free of mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens and peroxide — all of which may be the reason why my locks felt less weighty and sticky compared to other products I’ve used. I was finally able to run my fingers through my hair with ease.

The spray only takes a minute or two to dry, but it was important for me to make sure it didn't transfer. I like to wear a baseball cap a few days a week while running errands, and I'm happy to report that I didn't find a brown stain on the inside liner — I guess the brand's "sweat-resistant" claim is true! I also slept on a beige pillowcase and found it in pristine condition the next morning. It's important to note that the pigment loves to cling to nail polish and exposed skin during the application process, but a little rubbing alcohol takes that away easily. (I also always wear dark clothing or drape an old towel around my shoulders when spraying it on.)

As remarkable as its staying power is, the product washes out easily with a normal shampooing. But be warned: It might leave your bath water looking a little muddy.

If you're not a fan of spray-on products, Style Edit makes its root concealers in other formulas — like a cream stick and binding powder — that are said to offer just as complete and precise of an application. Even better, you can use Shop TODAY's exclusive code TODAYSALE30 to get 30% off sitewide from now until 11pm EST on April 17.

Editor's Note: We have made a correction to the exclusive code, which is now TODAYSALE30.

Style Edit Root Cover Up Stick

Style Edit Root Touch Up Binding Powder

The root concealer comes in five colors to match a range of brown and red hair shades — there's also a special collection made specifically for blondes! And with over 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, I'm clearly not the only one who loves how well it gets the job done. One verified shopper called the product "a miracle worker" and said they "could not live without it." Another reviewer said they were turned onto the product by their stylist and claimed that it worked well.

It’s a little pricier than other brands, but it's definitely more affordable than a trip to the salon (and it works well enough to not change my stance on dying my hair). What I know for sure is that it’s a temporary solution that I will be making permanent in my styling routine.