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Scarlett Johansson talks skin care line and the one beauty tool she recommends for new moms

Her new brand, The Outset, was five years in the making.

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Having been the longtime face of several beauty brands in the past, Scarlett Johansson is already well-versed in the ways of the industry. But when it came to creating her own line, The Outset, she reportedly spent five years educating herself on formulations, product development and brand identity before bringing the idea to fruition.

Johansson stopped by TODAY to talk about the line, which launched early last month and, as of this week, is now officially available in Sephora stores.

"It definitely would have been, probably, easier in some ways to license my name and work with a larger company that had an infrastructure, but I'm a little controlling, and I felt like it would be inauthentic to do it that way," Johansson said on the show. "I really wanted to have my hands in all of it and it was time-consuming and challenging, especially developing this line over the pandemic but I'm so proud of our products and I am so proud of our team and the community that we're building."

To create the brand, Johansson worked with entrepreneur and co-founder Kate Foster Lengyel. As of now, The Outset offers five core products: a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, night cream and eye cream, all of which can be used on their own or incorporated into your existing regimen. In fact, the brand's emphasis on simple, yet effective everyday essentials is reflective of Johansson's personal routine.

"I’ve found that great skin starts with the basics, so my skincare ritual has always been simple — a consistent routine of cleansing, prepping and moisturizing that keeps my skin on track," Johansson previously told Shop TODAY in an email. "I try not to shake it up too much or experiment with too many things because I’ve struggled with acne in the past and I finally have control over my skin. What I’m doing now works, which is simply nourishing my skin and minimizing the number of products I use."

As a new mom (Johansson welcomed her second child last year), that focus on skin nourishment has become even more important. She said that the combination of having a newborn, nursing and living in New York has made her skin drier. So, it's not surprising that her skin care tips for new moms have much to do with hydration. "I would say moisturize like crazy, apply night cream nightly and use a humidifier," she said.

Thankfully, there are some key items in Johansson's new collection that may help with that. All the products from the brand include its signature Hyaluroset Complex, a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid. And in keeping with its Consciously Clean approach, the brand has also eliminated over 2,700 questionable and potentially harmful ingredients from each formula. Plus, they're all vegan, fragrance-free and dermatologist- and allergy-tested.

“The Outset means a new beginning, which feels more relevant than ever at a time when we are all starting over and pressing the reset button,” Johansson shared on the site. “It took years for us to build a brand that was backed by quality and purpose, and I’m thrilled to finally share The Outset with the world. It’s an exciting beginning for me, as well.”

Scarlett Johansson's The Outset beauty line

Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

“This cleanser is so hydrating and gentle,” Johansson said on the site. “The formula is sulfate-free, so it removes makeup without stripping the skin. I love that it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean afterwards.”

Restorative Niacinamide Night Cream

Johansson told us that this night cream is a "standout product" for her. "My skin is so dry from the [New York] winter and breastfeeding, so it restores all that lost moisture," she said. Along with the Hyaluroset Complex, it also features plenty of other skin care powerhouses like niacinamide, bakuchiol and evening primrose oil. According to the brand, these ingredients work together to improve texture, smooth the appearance of fine lines and restore suppleness to your skin.

Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

“My skin looks so much firmer since I’ve been using this prep serum,” Johansson said. “It’s packed with soothing plant extracts that help to plump and even out my skin. I can’t live without this step.”

Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream

This vitamin-rich cream is meant to be applied around your eyes and mouth to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its star ingredient is vitamin C, which experts say can help fight hyperpigmentation and stimulate collagen production.

Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer

“I wish I could bathe in this moisturizer!” Johansson shared on the site. “It delivers major, long-lasting hydration so it keeps my skin looking smooth and healthy all day, even when I’m on set.” The moisturizer also includes edelweiss and red rice extracts, which protect the skin from free radicals and pollution.

Daily Essentials Regimen Bundle

Inspired by Johansson's own skin care regimen, this bundle includes all the staples that your routine needs: a cleanser, serum and moisturizer. "These products really work better together," Johansson said. "I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin 一 it feels so much smoother, firmer and more even. Like many people, I can be sensitive to fragrances, so it was very important to me that these products be formulated without any added perfumes.”

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