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5 smart solutions to help solve annoying problems, starting at $10

You'll wonder where these have been all your life.

Between maintaining a busy schedule and juggling everyday tasks, you might find yourself looking for ways to make life easier. Thankfully, there are plenty of products out there that can help improve every area of your life, from your at-home experience to on-the-go struggles.

To resolve your day-to-day qualms, Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post stopped by the 3rd hour of TODAY to share six game-changing products that can make your life easier. From an exclusive deal on a 10-in-1 pillow to a wine glass washing hack, you'll be wondering where these simple solutions have been all your life.

Read on to shop the five game-changing must-haves Post says will make your life that much better, plus more genius finds.

Shop All Day: Simple solutions and easy upgrades

Swair Showerless Shampoo

You've likely heard of dry shampoo already, but how about showerless shampoo? Post found a dry shampoo alternative that doesn't require any water to help absorb oil and residue. You simply spritz, towel dry and then air dry or blow dry to freshen up your hair. According to the brand, Swair is formulated to interact with your hair in such a way that everything that you towel dry out actually leaves you with clean hair. Want to try it for yourself? TODAY viewers can snag it for just under $27 with the code TODAY30 at Swair's website. Flip Pillow

The pillow you currently have on your bed is probably not as much of a multi-tasker as this one is. Post says this pillow from Sharper Image can transform into at least 10 different positions for sleeping, reading, relaxing and more. It features both a wedge pillow and a smaller rectangular pillow in one, which allows it to be used for pretty much anything. It comes in both standard and queen/king sizing, and TODAY viewers can score it for 30% off when they use the code TODAY30 at

Doonly Reusable Lint Roller

Post presents: The most stylish lint roller you've likely ever seen. It's small, reusable, great for on-the-go and costs less than $10. Unlike traditional sticky paper, there is a lint roller ball inside of this tool with a special adhesive that can pick up everything from crumbs to pet hair. Once fully covered, you'll only need to rinse it off in the sink before it is ready to use again.

Ruibo Baggy Rack Holder

When it comes to meal prepping and snack-packing, sometimes we could all use an extra hand. Post says she loves this kitchen hack during dinner time and that it's like "having your own personal kitchen assistant!" The clips on the arms are adjustable, she adds, so it can fit different-sized bags and they won't slip thanks to the holder's rubber base. They can also be used as drying racks for plastic bags, too.

Wine Wash Co. Wine Wash

After enjoying some wine, the last thing you likely want to do is hand wash your glass. If you've been too scared to place it in the dishwasher up until this point, Post found a simple solution to ease your mind. The Wine Wash acts as a safety arm, which helps keep your glass upright, secure and protected, according to the brand. Once you find the perfect location to place it, you can keep it there between washes, too. Plus, the Wine Washes come in a set of four, so you can wash multiple glasses at once after having company over.

More simple solutions

Skylar Life Mold & Mildew Stain Cleaner

One Shop TODAY contributor couldn't believe how well this cleaning gel worked — no scrubbing required. "I've since applied it to a few areas around my sink and the rest of my shower and remain impressed with how effortless and easy it is to use," they said.

Wyze Outdoor Plug

Trying to make the most of your outdoor setup this year? This smart plug is made for the outdoors, according to the brand, so it can be used in areas that are exposed to the elements. It features two outlets that can be controlled separately, via an app on your phone.

Bumaco Chair Leg Covers

These leg covers come in sets of 40 in two sizes — small and large — and can be used on tile and hardwood flooring. They're outfitted with felt on the bottom and can be washed with soap and water, according to the brand.

Cync Reveal Smart Light Bulbs

Heading out on a trip or simply trying to save on your electric bill? These smart bulbs can be controlled via an app on you phone, so you can turn them off, on, dim or schedule them — even when you are not home.

Lekue Microwave Pasta Cooker

Don't have time to wait for the water to boil on the stove? This kitchen hack can fit full pieces of pasta and is designed so that you can wash, cook and drain your dinner without having to wash multiple dishes. Plus, it's dishwasher safe.

Eva NYC Mane Magic Primer

This 10-in-1 formula acts as a heat protectant, detangler, strengthener and more for your hair. It can be applied to damp hair prior to detangling or styling, according to the brand.

Carpe Lotion Deodorant

Summer is heating up! Reviewers love this smart solution to summer sweat. The brand says it can be applied daily before bed to "instantly" reduce sweat.

Yamazaki Bag Holder

If clutter is taking over your closet, we found a hack to help clean it up. This hook system can organize hats, bags and other accessories you might not have space for and support a total of just over 13 pounds.

Candor and Class Belt

This ratchet belt is made from genuine leather, according to the brand, and since it clasps on the inside, you won't have to worry about holes or cracks in your belt ruining your look. It comes in over two dozen different colors and 25mm and 30mm lengths.