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This $13 stick-on phone wallet is one of my go-to stocking stuffers

It even doubles as a stand!

I'm almost always in a rush in the morning. Not because I'm terribly important and have many things to do, but just because I wait until the last minute to even think about getting ready. This means I often find myself rushing out the door without essentials like my keys and wallet — though I've somehow never forgotten my phone.

With this in mind, I decided to finally try one of those stick-on phone wallets I've seen everywhere — and now I don't know how I lived without it.

Monet Phone Grip Slim Wallet

I went with this version by Monet since it also has a hand strap that doubles as a stand and slides flat when you don't need it. To install the slim wallet, you simply tear the adhesive strip on the back and stick it right on the back of your phone or phone case.

The wallet has two slots that can fit up to two cards each. Now I can grab my phone and have my credit card, debit card, ID and metro card right on the back of it!


My favorite feature is the handy strap. Slipping my hand through the strap makes me feel extra secure about carrying my phone around in the busy streets of New York City, and it makes taking selfies a breeze! It also doubles as a phone stand that recently came in handy while watching a movie during a flight.


I love it so much that it's ended up becoming my go-to gift when I need a stocking stuffer or something little to go along with a gift card. It's been a huge hit with my friends who typically don't carry a handbag, and with friends and family who are always on the go.

So if you need a unique last-minute gift — or are simply looking to downsize your wallet to something sleeker — this will certainly do the trick.

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