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Trust me, this expert-approved pillow is a game changer for side sleepers

Say goodbye to neck pain!
Emma Stessman

Just like the majority of people (around 60% of the population), I am a side sleeper — and I have been for about as long as I can remember. But I had never given much thought to my sleeping style until a few months ago, when I learned a couple of surprising pieces of information. Not only did I find out that my way of snoozing may be causing more wrinkles, but I also discovered that side sleepers require certain types of pillows for proper support. And, as it turns out, I was using the wrong one.

While there's not a whole lot I can do about the side-sleeping-causes-wrinkles thing (no matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to become a back sleeper), I realized that I can easily swap out my pillow for one that caters to my sleeping style. So, after reading this helpful article, I decided to order the bestselling Osteo Cervical Pillow — and I was shocked by the difference it made in my sleep routine.

Osteo Cervical Pillow

The Osteo Cervical Pillow is a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, and while the brand says that it's a good fit for all kinds of sleepers, the expert that we reached out to, Dr. Jan Lefkowitz, chiropractor and founder of Body In Balance Chiropractic in New York City, says that it does have some specific benefits for side sleepers.

If you don't have proper neck support while you sleep, Lefkowitz says that it can potentially cause misalignment of the spinal bones in your neck. So, for side sleepers, in order to get that support, you should look for a pillow that fills in the empty space between your neck and your shoulder. You also want something with a hollow center to "keep your neck (and all of the bones that make it up) in a straight line and not cause stress and misalignment," he says.

This pillow, he says, "checks all of the boxes that you would want in order to keep your neck in good alignment when sleeping on the side."

I immediately felt a difference

In the past, when it came to choosing pillows, my biggest requirement was that they were on sale and that they fit in the pillowcases that I already owned (low standards, I know). But from the first night that I lay my head down on this pillow I could immediately tell a difference in the level of comfort and support. Instead of making my neck bend in odd ways (which would sometimes lead to morning kinks and discomfort), thanks to the hollow center, this pillow allowed me to lie comfortably on my side without putting my head at an odd angle.

Also, unlike the other pillows on my bed, this one is made from memory foam and polyurethane foam, which make it both comfortable and breathable. They also allow it to hold its shape, so I don't have to constantly fluff it back into the right position.

I thought that the pillow was comfortable and supportive as-is, but if you find that it's not the right height for you, it has some adjustable elements. If you need it to be lower, there's a removable piece of memory foam in the back that you can easily take out by removing the pillowcase and outside cover. Or, if you want it to be higher, the brand says that you can contact them for an additional insert (which many people in the review section said that they did).

Even with that, one thing that Lefkowitz did note is that the Osteo Cervical Pillow is lacking in the customization department. "There are pillow companies that can help you find a more custom fit so that the pillow more perfectly fits your anatomy since everyone has such a different body shape."

While it comes with a fitted pillow cover on it, which the brand says is machine-washable for easy cleaning, it's a bit of an eyesore on its own. (When I have it as is on my bed, it kind of screams, "I have back problems.") And since I just moved into a studio, where my bedroom is also my living room and kitchen, that's not ideal. So, I've been putting an additional pillow cover on top, which helps it more seamlessly blend in with the other pillows and decor on my bed.

Reviewers love it, too

Many shoppers note that they had tried tons of pillows in search of a comfortable option before discovering this one. For one reviewer, it helped mend neck pain while others expressed that they, too didn't realize how poorly they were sleeping until using this pillow.

"I have struggled to find a good pillow for years, spent hundreds trying to find one that doesn't give me the dreaded 'I slept wrong' kink that starts in my neck and runs down into a knot under my shoulder blade, then hurts for weeks," one shopper wrote. "My boyfriend purchased this pillow, but it was a little slim for him, so I tried it. It took a few nights to get used to, but *OMG!* this has been life changing! I sleep like a rotisserie chicken (lol), so this pillow is perfect, as it has two 'bumps' on either side, so no matter if I'm on my back, or roll to one side or the other, the pillow is thicker in those spots and supports my neck in a comfortable position. I have not had a single neck kink since I started using this pillow! I even take it with me when I travel, as I can't sleep without it now."

After recently spending a few nights at a friend's house and having to sleeping on a standard pillow again — and repeatedly waking up with neck pain — I have to say, I might also start bringing this pillow with me wherever I go. Now that I've tried it, there's no going back.