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This no-sew hack adjusts the waistband of my jeans in a snap — and it's only $7

Skip pricey alterations with this affordable alternative.
Split image of someone using a jean button to make their pants fit better
Courtesy Daniella Musacchio

As a shopping editor, saying that I enjoy a little online retail therapy is an understatement. But if there’s one thing I absolutely dread shopping for, it’s jeans. Why on earth do women’s jeans sizes vary so much from brand to brand? Finding a pair that fits in all the right places seems like finding a needle in a haystack. To avoid going through the hassle of returning pants for being too snug, I usually size up to be safe — leaving me with quite a few pairs that are a little too roomy.

I know that I can bring these pants that have been sitting in my closet to a tailor (or finally learn how to sew myself), but as someone who deals with frequent bloating, I’m hesitant to do that. Also, what if my weight fluctuates in a few months? There’s nothing worse than paying a pricey fee to get your pants taken in an inch or two, only to have to later get them taken back out. Not only does that make me feel like I’ve wasted my money, but it can also put a damper on my confidence.

Luckily, I found a solution to this common fashion conundrum while watching an episode of Shop All Day: button pins that adjust the waistband of your pants in a snap — literally.

TOOVREN Upgraded 8 Sets Button Pins

They take seconds to apply and stay put all day

One of the my favorite things about this product is how easy these buttons are to use. Just detach the earring-like back, push the pin into your waistband and re-attach. Zip up your pants like normal, and use the "new" button. In just a few seconds, the waist of your pants are adjusted to create the perfect fit— no thread and needle required. I was worried that this would make the zipper area of my pants look a bit lopsided or form an awkward bulge, but I can't see a noticeable difference. I even had a few friends confirm that nothing looked out of the ordinary. Phew!

My one complaint about this product is that I sometimes have trouble detaching the pin from the backing. Although, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing — it just means that they're very sturdy. I've worn the buttons in my pants several times for hours and they've never fallen out or accidentally poked my skin. "They even stayed in my jeans when I put them in the washing machine by accident," one five-star reviewer wrote on Amazon.

Whenever I feel bloated throughout the day, I now have the option to remove the pin and return the jeans to their original roomier size. The button is small enough to keep in my pocket or throw in my purse while I'm not using it. This has been a total game changer for helping me feel (and look) my best while dealing with bloating — and I'll definitely be utilizing this hack on days when I know I'll be enjoying a big meal, like Thanksgiving Day. Bring on the food!

They're extremely cost-effective

While professional alterations can be pricey, a set of these eight buttons is only $7, making each button cost less than a dollar. None of my buttons have broken yet, but if one does, I won't be too upset since I have so many extra ones. And considering seven dollars wouldn't even cover the cost of a single jean alteration, it's safe to say that I got a great bang for my buck. Each set also includes an assortment of colors — silver, gold and white — so you can match them to your pants however you like.

They're not only for jeans

Although I mostly use these to adjust the size of my jeans, they can really be used on anything that has buttons. With warmer weather on the horizon, I can already think of a few pairs of skirts and shorts that are about to get a second life.