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Thanks to this $9 scalp brush, my normally oily hair can go longer between washes

One dermatologist says that there may be some real benefits to using it, too.
TODAY Illustrations / Emma Stessman

I've cycled through plenty of different shampoos and conditioners over the years in an effort to keep my grease and frizz-prone hair under control. But other than giving it a good scrub with my fingers in the shower, I had never given much thought to how I was washing my hair — until I found the Heeta Scalp Care Hair Brush.

For the past month, I've been using the affordable tool every time I shampoo, and my scalp and hair have never felt cleaner or healthier.

Heeta Scalp Care Hair Brush

I first discovered the brush after seeing a similar one featured during a segment on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. When I looked up scalp massagers a few days later, this one popped as "Amazon's Choice" with more than 98,000 rave five-star ratings. (Now it's the retailer's No. 1 bestseller for "hair brushes.") Scrolling through the review section, I saw that people were saying it helped with everything from dandruff to oil control. While I have never really struggled with the former, my hair does tend to get greasy pretty quickly.

It has soft silicone pointed bristles that can reach through the thicker parts of my hair to give my scalp a good wash, working the shampoo in deeper and scrubbing away the bits of dead skin and product residue that my fingernails can't reach. As a result, my hair feels cleaner, softer and more manageable. I've also been able to go longer between washes since I started using it. Instead of the usual two to three days that I get from a wash (which is often pushing it), I've been able to stretch it even further and can go up to four to five days without feeling like my scalp is covered in oil.

The brush also makes every wash day feel like a treat. The bristles give your scalp a deep massage that mimics the feeling of getting your hair professionally washed at the salon (which most will agree is the best part of every hair appointment).

While I mostly use it in the shower as I shampoo my hair, according to the brand, it can also be used on dry hair.

Scalp Shower Massager
Courtesy Emma Stessman

It may help improve your scalp health

Dermatologist Dr. Lady C. Dy previously told Shop TODAY that there may be some benefits to using a scalp brush like this one.

"In theory, these devices can promote a healthier scalp by dislodging any scalp scales or flakes," Dy said. This leaves the hair follicles unobstructed so new strands can grow. "Massaging the scalp can also increase blood flow, so again in theory, it delivers oxygen to the follicular bulb so that it stimulates growth," she added.

TikTokers and reviewers love it

Videos featuring scalp brushes have been popping up all over beauty TikTok, and the Heeta brush is one of the many options that people are loving. One user said that after using the brush, their hair felt "super healthy and thick" and their scalp felt "cleaner to the touch."

Reviewers also have plenty of good things to say about the tool. Multiple people who struggle with dandruff have noted that it works better than any other product they've tried at giving them some relief.

"Within THREE days of using this my scalp was dandruff-free," one verified reviewer wrote. "I swear by this! My hair has become so silky and hydrated, too. I put this affordable product off for so long because I didn’t think it would be that good. I was so wrong."

Other reviewers have similar thoughts, saying that they were surprised at how effective this little affordable tool could be and that they wish they had found out about it sooner.

"I look forward to using this product each time I shower and shampoo my hair," another reviewer said. "One of the best investments I ever made in promoting my good health and making me feel and look great again. All I can say is it worked for me big time and I totally love it. Would never be without one again."

At just $9, I thought it was worth a shot — and wow, am I happy that I tried it!