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By Kathleen Thieme

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Taking off your makeup is the most important step of any nighttime skin care routine, but finding the right makeup remover for your skin can be daunting. From disposable wipes to oils and cleansers, the options of removers seem limitless.

In a video with Harper's Bazaar, actress Demi Moore shared the solution that "saved her skin": The Original MakeUp Eraser Cloth.

The Original MakeUp Eraser Cloth

Made from a woven-polyester blend, this reusable cloth is meant to tackle even the toughest types of makeup including smear-proof and waterproof formulas — without leaving a residue behind.

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The cloth is activated with warm water, which means it's completely free of fragrances and chemicals, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin, as Moore notes in the video. The cloth is machine-washable and is meant to last three to five years (or up to 1,000 washes).

The MakeUp Eraser Cloth also seems to be a great environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional makeup wipes.

While we haven't tried it for ourselves, Amazon customers seem to agree with Moore's recommendation.

"It definitely takes off my full-coverage foundation, waterproof eyeliner and mascara," one reviewer raved. "It’s super soft and doesn’t feel like I’m tugging at my skin at all. I love that it’s kind of big, so you can use different sections of it for a week and then throw it in the wash."

To see Moore's complete nighttime skin care routine, check out her video with Harper's Bazaar.

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