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These $20 closet organizers help me clear clutter and maximize my space

They take two minutes to assemble and are collapsible for easy storage.
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

I'm a firm believer in the idea of "organized chaos." My closet fully embodies the concept with my shoes, coats, formal wear, makeup and a few storage boxes all thrown together. You'll find everything from oversized sweaters to bathings suits folded inches away from each other.

As disheveled as it sounds, this system worked well for a while — until it didn't. I recently realized that I had taken it too far, and the "chaos" had started to majorly outweigh the "organization." So, I turned to Amazon to find a few organizers that could help me tidy up my closet and fully maximize its space.

I chose this four-section organizer, complete with a built-in garment rod.

Whitmor 4 Section Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving

I also opted for these hanging drawer organizers, which easily attach to my current shelving.

mDesign Fabric Closet Shelving Hanging Storage Organizer

Though I don't need for space — the best part of my apartment is my large walk-in closet — I definitely can only take advantage of its full potential when organized correctly. That's where the Whitmor cubed shelving comes in handy.

Associate editor Danielle Murphy organizing her closet with the Whitmor 4 Section Organizer Shelf
The cubbies hold my heavy winter sweaters and sweatshirts with ease.Courtesy Danielle Murphy

I used to keep my winter sweaters folded in a tall stack on top of each other, but trying to remove one from the middle of the stack resulted in a complete mess and more time spent refolding them (or just tossing them half folded to the side). The Whitmor organizer offers the perfect solution, with each cubby roomy enough to fit up to five sweaters and sweatshirts each. Plus, the open design allows me to see what is neatly stored inside. While I used this to store my clothing, I can see someone else using the space to house accessories like purses, belts and hats.

What makes this organizer stand out from the rest is its built-in chrome garment rod. You'll need a good amount of open space — from the middle of your closet to the floor — for this to be effective, but it's great to get shelves without sacrificing any hanging space. The product site doesn't provide a weight limit for the hanging rod, and I haven't noticed any concerning tension when adding quite a few blouses to it.

What truly needed extra attention in my closet, though, was the way I was storing my bras, underwear and socks. Which meant I needed more drawer space than open shelving. These set of fabric shelves easily attached via two tabs on each side.

These hanging shelves utilize so much unused space!
These hanging shelves utilize so much unused space!Courtesy Danielle Murphy

Since these are made of fabric, I was expecting difficulties with the drawers when sliding them in and out, but they're easily maneuverable. One holds all of my sports bras while the other fits most, but not all, of my socks. Honestly, this was a good way to re-evaluate my sock collection and get rid of worn pairs (and ones that have been missing their counterparts for months). Just be careful when tugging these open — there's no stopper at the end of the drawer, so you can pull out the entire thing if you're not careful.

I also turned to storage boxes for any leftover clothes that need to be organized. I purchased these years ago, but if you've been looking for something similar, Amazon has a foldable option that looks almost the same.

SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bin

As if having my closet finally looking tidy wasn't enough to sell me on these organizers, the cleaning and set-up process does. According to the brand, the materials are breathable and only need a wipe down with a damp cloth, followed by an air-dry, for cleaning. Assembly is even easier — no tools are Plus, both organizers are also collapsible, which makes them convenient for storing away when not in use.

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