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Consumer Reports: Best Drip Coffee Makers of 2022

10 top brewers for a great cup of joe every day
CR tests drip coffee makers in its lab, evaluating a number of features, including handling and convenience.
CR tests drip coffee makers in its lab, evaluating a number of features, including handling and convenience.Brian Finke
/ Source: Consumer Reports

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There’s no shortage of drip coffee makers on the market today. We test 100 models in our labs alone.

Each drip coffee maker we rate brews roughly 65 cups by the time our engineers are through with it, and brewing is just one of many aspects we evaluate. We test for handling and convenience, too, so you can choose a model that helps you sail through morning madness.

Our ratings of drip coffee makers range from models that offer simple programming to elaborate options with built-in coffee grinders and self-clean cycles.

“Consider what features are important to you,” says CR test engineer Ginny Lui. “In general, for a higher price you can get add-ons like a water filter, clean cycle, clean indicator, permanent filter, or thermal carafe.”

In the lab, our brew-performance tests measure the brew temperature and contact time (how long water stays within the sweet spot of 195° F to 205° F for brewing). We determine concentration using a refractometer, a device that measures the amount of coffee dissolved in each brew. Our convenience tests look at how easy it is to set timers, fill the reservoir, clean the machine, and more. And we incorporate data for predicted reliability and owner satisfaction using survey data collected from thousands of CR members.

Below you’ll find reviews of 10 top-performing drip coffee makers, with prices from about $25 to $280. The picks are listed in alphabetical order, not by performance, and the options run from simple classic drip coffee makers to versatile brewers that make lattes and iced coffee.

CR members can click on each model name for more detailed ratings. To see even more options, check our full coffee maker ratings. And consult our coffee maker buying guide for smart shopping tips.

Breville The Grind Control BDC650BSS

CR's take: If you’re an aficionado of fresh ground coffee, you should give the Breville The Grind Control BDC650BSS a close look. This drip coffee maker grinds whole coffee beans just before brewing. As a result, the appliance is capable of making a great pot of coffee. It’s easy to use and clean, earning a rating of Very Good in our convenience tests. It allows you to adjust brew strength, it’s programmable (so you can set it to grind and brew just before you wake up), and it uses a thermal carafe to keep your coffee warm for hours.

Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable

CR’s take: The Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable receives receives strong marks across the board in our performance tests. But its features are a bit bare-bones—auto-shutoff, a cleaning indicator, and programming—despite its relatively high price. Still, you’re likely to love this machine. Bunn drip coffee makers earn an Excellent rating for owner satisfaction and a Very Good rating for reliability, according to data from our latest member surveys. Its unusual design moves all of the brewing mechanisms above the glass carafe.

Calphalon Special Brew BVCLDCG1

CR’s take: The Calphalon Special Brew BVCLDCG1 is a terrific drip brewer from a brand known for cookware. It earns high scores in CR’s performance tests, including Excellent brew performance and convenience ratings. This model offers brew-strength control, programming, an LED display, and a 10-cup glass carafe. It’s a bit bulky, but it comes in a stainless steel finish that should match other stainless steel appliances nicely. Calphalon drip brewers garner a Very Good rating for predicted reliability and a so-so Good rating for owner satisfaction in our latest member surveys.

Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-3000

CR’s take: The Cuisinart Coffee on Demand is a self-serve model. It stores 12 cups of brewed coffee in a reservoir and has a dispenser instead of a carafe. It makes sense in households where people are drinking coffee at different times, and it keeps coffee hot and ready, so family and guests can fill their own cups. This model is programmable and features a water filter and a cleaning indicator. The reservoir can be removed for washing. Also, Cuisinart drip coffee makers earn a Very Good reliability rating and an Excellent owner satisfaction rating in CR’s member surveys.

Cuisinart DCC-T20 Touchscreen 14-Cup Programmable

CR’s take: A traditional drip coffee maker with a modern twist, the Cuisinart DCC-T20 Touchscreen 14-Cup Programmable offers slick touch-screen controls and makes plenty of java for a full house, thanks to its 14-cup glass carafe. This model receives Excellent ratings for brew performance and convenience in our tests, and the machine is loaded with bells and whistles, including programming, auto-shutoff, a cleaning indicator, a permanent filter, a water filter, brew-strength control, and a small-batch setting. It’s a bit pricey, but for the investment, you can count on an all-around great coffee maker for both busy mornings and dinner parties.

Cuisinart Next-Generation Burr Grind & Brew 12-cup DGB-800

CR’s take: Like the Breville BDC650BSS, the Cuisinart Next-Generation Burr Grind & Brew 12-cup DGB-800 takes whole coffee beans and grinds them fresh for each pot, turning out a consistently good cup of joe. It features a permanent filter, a water filter, auto-shutoff, programming, and brew-strength control. This model earns a Very Good rating for carafe handling. The stainless steel accents and glass carafe elevate the overall experience. Cuisinart brewers receive an Excellent rating for owner satisfaction and a Very Good rating for reliability in CR’s latest members survey. But the performance and finish mean this machine has a premium price.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable DCC-3200

CR's take: If you want a drip coffee maker that will match your stainless steel appliances—and of course brew great coffee—the Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable DCC-3200 is a solid bet. It delivers top-notch brew performance in our lab tests, serving up 14 great cups of coffee at a time, and receives Very Good convenience and carafe handling scores. It comes with auto-shutoff, a cleaning indicator, a permanent filter, a water filter, and programming. Another selling point: Cuisinart drip coffee makers garner a Very Good reliability rating and an Excellent owner satisfaction rating in CR’s members survey.

Hamilton Beach 12-cup Programmable 49465R

CR’s take: The unassuming, inexpensive Hamilton Beach 12-cup Programmable 49465R might be easy to miss, but it can brew a mean cup of joe at a fantastic price. In a basic black-plastic finish, it has all the essentials. It’s programmable, as its name says, and has auto-shutoff—and it offers solid brewing performance, making a fresh pot in just 10 minutes. This model also earns a Very Good rating for convenience. One drawback: Hamilton Beach drip coffee makers receive a middling rating of Good for reliability and owner satisfaction in CR’s member surveys.

Ninja Specialty CM401

CR’s take: A more affordable take on Ninja's Coffee Bar brewers, the Ninja Specialty CM401 is one of the most versatile coffee makers we’ve tested. This terrific all-in-one machine is capable of brewing hot and iced coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and other specialty brews. In our tests, it receives an Excellent rating for brew performance, and its glass carafe handles with ease. This model is easy to clean and comes packed with features, including an over-ice brew mode for iced coffee, a built-in milk frother, brew-strength control, and brew-size adjustment for everything from travel mugs to full carafes.

Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One Brewer

CR’s take: If you need only one or two cups of coffee each morning and don’t want a pod coffee maker, consider the Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One Brewer. Compact and clean-lined, it’s a superstar when it comes to reliability. In fact, Technivorm is one of few drip machine brands with an Excellent rating for predicted reliability in our member surveys, and it earns an Excellent owner satisfaction rating as well. Our testers award this model a Very Good brew performance score. It has only one simple feature (auto-shutoff) and it’s not the easiest to use, but you can count on it to last.

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