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Wearing this nightgown feels like sleeping in a cloud

It's so cozy you’ll never want to take it off.
Courtesy Mercedes Woods

I am PJ obsessed. In the winter, I love my granny flannel nightgowns. In the summer, my wide leg jammy pants and tank tops. Lacy lingerie nighties, however, were never really my thing. Give me soft, loose and super comfy every night as I head off to the Land of Nod. 

I just received my V-neck Button Down Nightgown by Ekouauer and it has quickly become my go-to favorite. The first thing I noticed was how soft the fabric was against my skin — it felt like sleeping in a cloud. While I’m normally a big fan of 100% cotton, this nightshirt is made of rayon and just enough spandex, which allows it to stretch and move with my body. 

Ekouaer V-Neck Button Down Nightgown

Remember wearing your boyfriend or husband’s oversized shirt to bed? We all loved it because it felt super sexy. This button down evokes a similar feeling, and even has cut-ins on the sides to show off a little leg (while still covering all the right places). I’m 5’7” and the hem was about 3 inches from my knee. It's a great piece for comfortably lounging around the house on warm summer days and staying cool at night. 

One of my pet peeves with sleepwear is getting tangled in too much fabric when I toss and turn in bed, but that wasn't an issue with this nightgown. I bought a size small (and am a true size 6) and the fit was perfect, with just enough room to be super comfortable. I think a medium would have fit as well since the sizing is generous. There’s a small pocket on the chest and the V-neck also has some interest at the collar to give the garment some shape and sex appeal.

Best of all, you have 20 delicious shades to choose from. Solid colors from pinks and blues to purples and even some really fun patterns from stars and stripes to hearts and leopard spots. I chose the turmeric — a lovely shade of yellow that makes me feel like a ray of sunshine. At $24.99, the nightgown is well priced, and I would love to add a few more to my closet in different colors.

The Ekouaer V-Neck Button Down Nightgown is also very versatile, and I discovered that it can easily go from the bedroom to poolside — and can even double as a swimsuit coverup. It could work as a layering piece over a tank and shorts or even over a pair of leggings. I read that many women love this nightshirt when they are nursing or post-surgery and I understand why. Soft, cozy and comfy — you’ll never want to take it off.