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This faux suede jacket has no business being this affordable...or soft...or stylish

Catch me wearing this near-perfect layering piece all fall long.
Vivian Le / TODAY

I've never claimed to be a very stylish person. Most of what I wear has either been given to me by friends, followed by it just doesn't fit me anymore, or stolen from my sister's closet (which reminds me — Brianna, thanks for letting me "borrow" your dress ... sorry).

But I have been getting better, considering it's part of my job to discover new fashion brands and the best style deals out there. One of my favorite finds, however, not only makes me feel like the fashionista I dream to be one day, but it has also become a necessity I didn't realize I desperately needed.

S P Y M Faux Suede Jacket

Let me explain: I'm a commuter, and three days a week, I travel to New York City via train. And while I always dress for the temperature my weather apps say I should prepare for, NJ Transit (yes, I will call them out until changes are made) tends to always blast the A.C. nonstop, as if we're experiencing constant, life-threatening heat waves — even in the middle of winter! Since tweeting my concerns to the public transportation's Twitter (now, X) page hasn't rectified the issue, I've been forced to carry oversized sweaters and jackets every time I plan to board. The problem is, I don't have many nice options to wear, other than my grandma-inspired cardigans — which I do adore, but sometimes they can do the exact opposite of elevating a cute outfit.

If I have to wear a coat, I'm incredibly glad it's this faux suede cropped style. It gives me just the right amount of coverage, but isn't a hassle to carry weight-wise. If I really needed to, I imagine I can easily fold or roll this up to store in my work tote. It's also thin enough that when the colder months roll around, this would fit underneath a puffer jacket or oversized trench coat.

I look (and feel) cool

When I saw "biker coat" in the product description, I hesitated to add it to my cart at first. Am I cool enough to pull something like that off? Well, if I'm not, then I'll continue to live in blissful ignorance, because I feel beautiful, and yeah, a little sexy while wearing it.

Courtesy Danielle Murphy

The only thing that would have brought this jacket from a 9.5 to a 10 out of 10 would have been bigger pockets. The current size will come in clutch for carrying cards or cash, but don't expect it to fit a phone or anything bigger.

It shouldn't be this affordable

Nearly 15 years ago, I received a faux leather jacket that I wore everywhere. It was the only layering piece that went well with dresses, professional attire and going-out clothes. But, I've since stopped wearing it (it's seen better days, trust me), and I haven't been able to justify the sky-high prices of similar jackets that I've seen to replace it. I didn't expect much from this Amazon option, but I'm telling you, the quality shocked me. Dare I say it, it might be even better than my long-retired one.

The faux suede feels soft to the touch and even has the slight heaviness that makes it feel real. Honestly, the under-$100 price already makes it well worth it, but the 43% off discount makes me feel like Christmas came early. It will give me an excuse to buy all the other colors available to match the fall outfits I plan to steal from my family — I mean, buy for myself...

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