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From a "coatigan" to "glotion," people are loving these Amazon finds for February — starting at $7

Plus, more essentials for this time of year.

While there may be a few more weeks of winter to get through, you don't have to spend them stuck in a style or beauty rut. If you're in need of a little pick-me-up, we found the perfect fixes for a mid-winter refresh.

Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post stopped by TODAY to break down six fashion, beauty and home finds that you'll want to have in your rotation all year long. From a top-rated glow-giving primer to a "coatigan," keep reading to discover what shoppers couldn't get enough of this month — plus, more Amazon customers' most-loved bonus picks below.

Amazon Customers' Most-Loved picks seen on TODAY

Open Front Cardigan Jacket

With transitional weather just around the corner, now's the time to buy a "coatigan" — that's a cross between a coat and a cardigan. Post says she loves the piece for its versatility and generous length, which provides a little extra coverage. It's the perfect layer to reach for when you're heading out the door and want to look put together, no matter where you're off to.

L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion (Fair, Medium and Deep)

L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion (Light)

Another hybrid product we love? This "glotion" — named for being a combination of glow and lotion — is so beloved, one is sold every 14 seconds, according to the brand. It instantly hydrates and illuminates your skin for a really natural and dewy glow, with or without makeup. It comes in a few different shades, which can be used all over or in specific parts of the face to highlight or contour.

Hair Protein Treatment

This transformative hair treatment with collagen has earned nearly 50,000 ratings on Amazon. According to the brand, it minimizes frizz, protects the hair and defines curls (if you have them) in just 15 minutes. Post says this does the trick on her fine, color-treated hair, without stripping it of its body and fullness.

Shoe Washing Bag

Not only does this bag protect your sneakers in the washer, but it also muffles the pesky sound of your sneakers tumbling around in there, too. It comes with two adjustable shoe trees to help your kicks retain their shape, and Post says the fluffy fibers lining the bag are "like 10,000 tiny scrubbing fingers" to get your shoes cleaned gently and thoroughly in one go.

Reusable Silicone Magnetic Cable Ties (Pack of 20)

Consider this your sign to get your messy charger cords organized. These little multi-use magnetic gadgets have a surprising number of uses — Post loves them not only for organizing cords and tying up cables, but also for pinning up notes on the fridge or anything metal and hanging up office supplies.

Oven Rack Shields (Pack of 4)

Post says this cooking hack can keep you from accidentally burning your hand or arm when you reach into the oven — because we've all been there! You can trim them to fit your oven with scissors, and they simply attach right on the edge of your rack. To note, they will still get a little hot, and the brand says not to use them in ovens where temperatures will exceed 450 degrees.

More Amazon Customers’ Most-Loved picks

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set

Post owns these sheets and says they are "incredibly" soft. They're a consistent bestseller on Amazon and have amassed more than 242,000 verified five-star ratings from shoppers that love their soft feel and wrinkle-free look. You can use them during every season and might appreciate them even more in the summer, as the brand says they are designed to keep moisture away. The set, which comes in a range of colors and patterns, includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

Hanes Women's Perfect-T Shirt

Everyone needs a classic tee in their wardrobe, according to Post. This wardrobe staple has more than 40,000 five-star ratings and will only run you $8 (plus, you even have the option to try it before you buy it). It's made from a breathable cotton and pre-shunk for a better fit, so you can wear it for just about any occasion. It comes in several different colors, but Post says you can't go wrong with white or black.

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Eyeshadow Stick

Eyeshadow sticks are trending in the beauty world, Post says, and this formula from Julep is an affordable swap for your routine. Since they come in a convenient stick shape, you don't need to use a brush to apply the eyeshadow — it simply glides on. Plus, Post says the waterproof formula is creamy, crease-proof and comes in both shimmer and matte finishes for every kind of makeup look.

Avanova Ruffle Hem Blouse

Sometimes a new top is all you need to update your wardrobe — and Post found one that fits the bill. It comes in both solid colors and fun patterns that can add some "pizzaz" to your closet. The mock neck gives it an elevated feel and the long sleeves make it a good choice for winter, but the ruffle detail is the cherry on top. Post says it hits at "just the right spot" to wear with leggings, but you can also tuck it into a pair of jeans or trousers to dress it up.

TailaiMei 2-in-1 Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Even if you don't clean your makeup brushes as often as you should, you know that the process can take up a lot of valuable real estate on your bathroom counter. This multitasking gadget can be used to both clean your brushes, thanks to the gentle scrubbers, and give them a spot to dry when you're done.

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This dermatologist-approved anti-dandruff shampoo is formulated with ketoconazole, which the brand says helps kill dandruff and leaves hair "manageable and shiny." Over 58,000 shoppers have given it a five-star rating and praise it for reducing the amount of visible flakes on their scalps. Plus, the brand says it works on all hair types.

Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick

Who doesn't love a pop of color on their lips? Not only does this lipstick promise high-shine, but the brand says it is infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe and rose quartz, which help retain moisture and deliver a more "plump" look.

Newgo Cooling Eye Mask

Whether you're dealing with puffiness, tired eyes or simply want to relax, an eye mask can be the perfect fix. Post says shoppers (more than 16,000 of them) are loving this highly rated pick to treat some of those pesky problems. This option is made with soft gel beads that respond to cooler temperatures in the freezer, plus it can be heated in the microwave to be used for heat therapy, according to the brand.

Fit Simplify Resistance Band Set

Want to kick your workouts up a notch? Post says she uses (and loves) these exercise bands for adding some resistance to her workout. You don't have to break a sweat to reap the benefits, though — they can also be used for stretching and pilates. And since they arrive in their own carrying bag, you can bring them with you just about anywhere in order to keep up with your fitness routine this year.

Cushionaire Hip Pull-On Boot +Memory Foam

This style of boot is all over our social media feeds and Post found an option that she is calling "the epitome of cozy." They feature a faux fur lining, memory foam insole and rubber sole, which make them convenient for not only wearing around the house but for quick runs to the mailbox or grocery store, too. According to the brand, they're made with a leather suede upper that is water-resistant, so they can withstand a bit of winter weather.

Degol Skipping Rope

If you dread the treadmill (or, "dreadmill," as some like to call it), then jumping rope might be one way to get your cardio in during the week. It is one way to literally "jumpstart" your workout — and more than 36,000 reviewers have given it a five-star rating for its lightweight feel and simple design. According to the brand, it is made with a ball bearing system that makes it easy for the rope to cut through the air, without twisting or winding. Plus, it's adjustable, so you can customize the rope length to your height.

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

One Shop TODAY writer used this rowing machine to keep up with her fitness routine during the colder months of the year and found that it was compact enough to set up in her Manhattan apartment. Shop TODAY readers are also fans of the rower since it checks most of the boxes: At under $100, it is an affordable option, it's lightweight and arrives pre-assembled. It also boasts 12 resistance settings, so you can up the intensity of your workout over time.

Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer

This mug warmer has more than 9,000 verified five-star ratings from shoppers who are saying it is the thing they "didn't know they needed." It comes in a total of seven different colors and features three temperature settings, as well as an auto-shutoff feature.

Akk Women's Lightweight Walking Shoes

These walking shoes have amassed over 31,000 verified ratings from shoppers — including some who say that they spend a majority of the day on their feet. They're slip-ons but still have the tie detailing, so Post says they still feel stylish. According to the brand, they're made with a breathable upper and a memory foam insole that helps to absorb any impact.

Akk Men's Lightweight Walking Shoes

The brand also makes a fashionable piece of footwear for men. The brand says they feature the same breathable upper and memory foam insole that makes for comfortable steps.

Theraband Resistance Band Set

These top-rated resistance bands come in a set of three and is perfect for beginners. The bands in the set are color-coded in order of resistance levels: yellow provides up to 3 pounds of resistance, red provides up to 3.7 pounds and the green band provides up to 4.6 pounds of resistance.

RitFit Pilates Ring

If you're trying Pilates in the new year, this expert-approved ring can work both your inner and outer thighs, as well as your core.

Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil

If hair growth is one of your goals for 2024, you may want to add rosemary oil into your hair care routine. One dermatologist Shop TODAY spoke to says the oil is a promising choice for stimulating hair growth and "almost anyone can incorporate it into their routine."

RobeCurls Satin Heatless Hair Curler Set

One Shop TODAY editor tried this heatless curling tool overnight — and was impressed with the results she unraveled the next day. "By morning, my curls looked more defined and lasted the entire day," she said. "I didn’t even need hairspray."

Seraphic Skincare Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliating helps your skin in a number of ways, but the brand says this mitt can also be used to help remove self-tanner. Over 13,000 verified shoppers gave the mitt a five-star rating, with some stating that it works so well at removing dead skin, it's almost gross.

Suprus Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Why keep replacing your lighters when you can invest in one that will last you up to 500 uses on a single charge? Shoppers love this rechargeable tool for lighting candles, grills, fireplaces and more — and the brand even says that it is windproof. After you press the safety lock and open the lighter, it will ignite an electric stream that lasts for up to 10 seconds.

Kunsluck Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

For the tech-obsessed (or those who are simply just busy) this TikTok-viral tool might come in handy. This phone holder mounts right onto your shower wall, so you can listen to music or your favorite podcast, watch a show or even play games while you unwind in the bath or shower. You can still operate touchscreen devices while using it, and the brand also says that the holder is waterproof. Post says you can also use it in the kitchen, above the bathroom sink or practically anywhere else in your home where it can attach.

EyeVac Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Ditch your dustpan and upgrade to this handy stationary vacuum. Since the device is always on, you can sweep pet hair, dust, crumbs and more right up without having to overextend your back. Plus, it doesn't need any bags to store dirt, so you can empty it right into your trash can once it's full. Post says any kitchen, mudroom, or room with a lot of foot traffic can likely benefit from this home upgrade.

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater

Whether you've got little ones running around with stained shirts or simply need a quick fix for spills while you're on vacation, this stain remover is turning heads for its ability to erase them. The highly rated formula is gentle enough to use on carpets and baby clothes, but the brand says it can be used to clean up everything from ketchup to blood.

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