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Sheinelle Jones

Sheinelle Jones is a co-host of NBC News’ 3rd hour of TODAY and a mid-week correspondent for TODAY.

154d ago

3 middle schoolers celebrate Black history by sharing what it means to them

These teens and tweens know this: “Black history is now and it’s still happening.”

Meet the star athletes competing for the US figure skating team in Beijing

See the competitors who are making us proud at the Winter Olympics.
272d ago

Sheinelle Jones opens up about being a child of divorce

The TODAY co-host offered advice for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
293d ago

Sheinelle Jones: Why talking about infertility matters so much to me

The TODAY co-host opens up about the struggles many women — herself included — have faced behind closed doors ahead of her new documentary about fertility.
Today - Season 67
Today - Season 67
407d ago

Coronavirus in the Classroom: TODAY answers 27 questions about unvaccinated kids

Kids are returning to school this month, and children under the age of 12 still can't be vaccinated. An expert panel answered TODAY's biggest questions.
Illustration of a classroom setting where everyone is wearing face masks
Illustration of a classroom setting where everyone is wearing face masks
448d ago

Tyra Banks’ mom shares the inspiring advice that helped Tyra break barriers

Carolyn London talked about being the mom and manager of superstar model Tyra Banks.
490d ago

Whose dressing room is messier? Sheinelle and Dylan compare

Craig Melvin believes there's a clear winner for the dubious honor.

Sheinelle cooks her mom and grandmother's recipes with her daughter Clara

Two of Sheinelle's favorite recipes are her grandmother's strawberry Jell-O salad her mother's baked sweet potatoes.
535d ago

Sheinelle Jones gets teary watching mom's special birthday message on-air

Sheinelle celebrated turning 43, saying she is thankful for finding peace after a trying year during the pandemic.