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From goat yoga to mermaid fitness: 5 wacky workouts we can thank 2017 for

2017 was full of fitness surprises! From hatchet throwing to the Met workout, we had an interesting time getting our cardio on.
/ Source: TODAY

The year is coming to an end — sigh. Before you starting making New Year's resolutions and sign up for a new gym, take a look back at all of the wacky workouts 2017 inspired. From hatchet throwing to the Met workout, 2017 was full of fitness surprises.

We've rounded up some of our favorite trends from the year. Here's hoping 2018 is just as interesting in the fitness world!

1. Yoga with goats

Now these are animals that definitely "goat" your baaaaack! If working out isn't your favorite and you're in need of a good distraction, look no further than goat yoga. It's an instant mood booster.

Baby goats are surprisingly similar to puppies — playful and therapeutic. I forgot all about the pain I would normally feel mid-plank when I was surrounded by baby goats. That alone makes this a workout worth recommending. Namaste.

2. Hatchet throwing

Here's your chance to make your dreams of hurling a hatchet come true. And no, you don't even have to have a reason! In this judgment-free zone, toss one (or 101) hatchets at the board to rid yourself of the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Sounds too good to be true, right?

No wonder visits to Stumpy's Hatchet House have tripled since 2016!

3. Pound Fit

We all cried when Chrissy Metz tried Pound at weight-loss camp during an episode of NBC's hit show "This Is Us" last season. So it definitely didn't come as a surprise to see more of these classes pop up after the fact.

While the cardio-based session is not easy to get the hang of at first, I will say you leave feeling much less stressed — and that's a win in my book!

4. Mermaid fitness

We've watched the mermaid trend EXPLODE over the past few years. But trust us when we tell you life as Ariel isn't so easy.

Be prepared for a full-body workout! This class combines yoga, pilates and cardio exercises. Flipping a fin is harder than it looks!

5. The Museum workout

Despite what you may be imagining, you won't have to tiptoe around the Mona Lisa. During The Museum workout at The Met, you'll get up close and very personal with the art. This is actually encouraged!

What will 2018 bring? Only time will tell!