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It's not a Ring Pop! Why this little tool is supposed to make manis easier

Is the Tweexy, the "wearable nail polish bottle holder for doing your nails anywhere," actually worth it?
/ Source: TODAY

When I first heard about Tweexy, the "original, wearable nail polish bottle holder for doing your nails anywhere," I got excited. And that's an understatement.

I mean, we've all been there. Spilled nail polish is the worst. It reeks of chemicals and never, ever comes off of whatever surface you've managed to get it on. It's sticky and dries quickly (in this case, that's not a good thing). What's more, by the time we've cleaned up the stuff, we have it all over our hands.

After a disastrous spill, an at-home mani — which should be the easy, affordable way to beautify one's nails — has become nothing but a liability.

Enter Tweexy. (!!!)

The little silicone mold fits all finger sizes, comes in a few different hues and is undeniably cute — like a nail polish-holding Ring Pop. It promises to hold tightly to any polish bottle so that you can focus more on your nail artistry and less on cleaning up a huge mess.

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I tried out the gadget for a TODAY Style Test Drive, and here's what I found.

No spills!


When it comes to doing its actual job (that is, merely preventing spills) ... yeah, it gets the job done.

And it's got more uses than just holding your bottle in place.

It actually also functions as a tiny weight that anchors the hand currently being painted. I felt like my hand was heavier and more grounded as a result, and I wasn't worried I'd accidentally shift during the painting process. As unnecessary as something like that seems, it really did make the mani easier.

Getting it onto your second hand is tough.


It's easy to slip it on an un-manicured hand, of course. But once you have wet polish on your fingernails, you'll have a rough go of it. Add two freshly-manicured hands into the mix when applying top coat and you're toast, my friend.

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You shouldn't get too creative about the activities you do while wearing it.

Quickly reaching over to flip a magazine page? Sure. Tapping out a text? Yup! Both of these things (and so many more) can be done while wearing the Tweexy, even while the polish bottle is open. If you're careful. But anything that involves inverting the bottle more than a few degrees will cover you in the stuff.

I picked up a call from my mom, for instance, with an open polish bottle and regretted it instantly (sorry, mom!).

It's not exactly a life-changing product.

All in all, I'd say this isn't really worth the purchase ($14.95 a pop, or $6.99 on sale) unless you're looking to paint your nails on a windy beach, bustling train or any place where the bottle isn't sitting patiently by your side.

If you do decided to try, heed my words of warning: Don't forget you're wearing it.