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TODAY fans reveal their favorite teachers

To celebrate back-to-school season, we asked TODAY fans to name a teacher who inspired them when they were students!
/ Source: TODAY

Break out the binders and No. 2 pencils — it’s back-to-school time! In honor of the new school year, we want to give a shoutout to all of the great teachers across the country.

TODAY celebrates the important milestones in your life, and that includes the teachers who have helped you along the way. We asked fans to send us photos of them with their favorite teacher, and how that teacher made a difference in the lives of their students.

Thanks to all who submitted!

Jennifer Zarrella

Allison Morris Parkey/Facebook

“Our daughter Stella had the most amazing year last year with Jennifer Zarrella as her pre-K teacher. She teaches each one of them at their own pace, working with them on everything from learning to write their name, to counting by tens, to actually learning how to READ! We couldn't have asked for a better first year at our school!” (Allison Morris Parkey)

Mrs. Golden

Hailey Hagal/Facebook

“Mrs. Golden was my sixth-grade English teacher two years ago. She was so sweet and always will be. She helped me through many personal problems and helped me get through sixth grade. She deeply cares about her students. She treats them like her own kids.” (Hailey Hagal)

Barbara Kent

Jazmin Villa/Facebook

“Barbara Kent was the best primary school teacher anyone could have. She stayed with our class for three years in a row and made each year better than it was before. She cared about every one of her students and still remembers my family and me more than 15 years later.” (Jazmin Villa)

Mrs. Uldrich

Melissa Pagano Leech/Facebook

“Mrs. Uldrich was my high school geometry teacher and worked on the school plays with me. There has never (been) a person more excited about math. She was warm and funny and supportive in every way. A few years after I graduated, breast cancer took her amazing life. She was strong. She lived. A role model until the end.” (Melissa Pagano Leech)

Mrs. Joe Blake

Sheila Bronner/Facebook

“My fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Joe Blake hands down. She taught for 32 years in the same classroom alongside Mrs. Purcell at Central Elementary in Indianapolis. She also taught my son and daughter (now 32 & 28). Here she is with me and my daughter. Love her. Still keep in contact.” (Sheila Bronner)

Mrs. Louise Riker

Sharon Erickson/Facebook

“When I was 7 years old my mother died suddenly. I was sent to live with grandparents I hardly knew. Mrs. Louise Riker knew my spirit was wounded and my heart was broken. She took me under her wing for two years and helped me find my way. She is standing in back of class, and I am the only girl in a plaid shirt. This was 1957.” (Sharon Erickson)

Edilberto Flores

Sandra Rodriguez/Twitter

“Edilberto Flores is an amazing, transformational leader impacting students’ lives!” (Sandra Rodriguez)