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11 family members share stories of kindness about a loved one

It's the month of giving! With the holidays quickly approaching just around the corner, this season reminds us of the gift of giving.
/ Source: TODAY

It's the month of giving!

With the holidays just around the corner, this season reminds us of the gift of giving.

TODAY celebrates your milestones, and we asked fans of all ages to share who stories of the most generous people are in their lives. We wanted to know what they do to get in the spirit of giving. Below are a few of our favorites.

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Thanks to all who shared their stories!

Bill Hammer's students

Bill Hammer

"These students of mine convinced me in February to get healthier. Today I am 140 lbs lighter, happier and healthier. This pic is of me and my students who did my first 5k with me. #ShareKindness"

John Valdez

Catherine Caron-Valdez

"This is my husband, John & he shows kindness everyday. My health is not the best which causes lots of ups & downs for me emotionally & physically. Every single day he takes it all in stride always by my side & there to help take care of our 5 year old daughter."

Ryan Knipe

Sharon Knipe

"My son Ryan who struggles every day with his disabilities and depression, however, he believes in Christmas and Santa. Recently we delivered food to families in our area needing a little extra help and he put the biggest smile on a 4 year old boy when Santa arrived with 2 boxes of food. I think he has a job in his future as Santa!"

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Bridgett Barne's Grandpa

Bridgett Barnes

"My Grandpa is the most generous person I have ever met. From stepping out of his retirement to save Wytheville Community College from going under to putting me through college at both WCC and Virginia Tech, he has never stopped giving. "

Hadlie Laing

Ali Laing

"This is my daughter Hadlie. She may only be 5, but she has magic in her hugs and knows when someone needs one. I'm honored to be her mommie. #sharekindness"

Jerry Lopez

Jillian Lopez

"My husband is the most generous person I know! He is in the military and sacrifices alot. He misses out on alot of family activities because he has to work. He is also a great father to our children. Thank You Jerry Lopez."

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Shirley Lee Gibson's husband

Shirley Lee Gibson

"My husband . He keeps me going,makes me laugh,encourages me. We have been together 48 years."

Vivian Mcleod

Donna Likelihood McLeod

"My sister Vivian. She is the kindness most caring person I know. She constantly gives to those who have less, and she volunteers for several different organizations. She's always giving to others. I love her to the moon and back! #sharekindness"

Bob Grundy

Brenda Farley

"This gentleman right here ! Bob Grundy ! He puts his heart and soul into collecting toys for children with cancer for our toy drive and is dedicated to raising funds for Jason Farley "All In For A Cure Foundation " Inc. ! He is the kindest and most giving person I know #ShareKindness"

Christopher Burrier

Becky Burrier

"This is my son Christopher. He is currently waiting for a liver transplant. Chris is always kind and polite to others. Even when having a bad day and no feeling well he will smile and chat with all. He loves talking and sharing his passion about video games and Pokémon with novices.#ShareKindness"

Michelle Kulin Slates's husband

Michelle Kulin Slates

"My husband is the most giving person. He would give you last penny in his pocket and the shirt off his back, if that's what it took to put a smile on your face. To know him, is to love you."