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9 clever uses for items you're about to toss: Nail polish, wine bottles, old bread

Hot dog buns, nail polish, wine bottles and orange peels can all be used to spruce up things around the house. Here's how.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever wonder what to do with those extra hot dog rolls and hamburger buns you have leftover from your barbecue? What about the old nail polish that's seen better days?

You're probably thinking, "throw them away" — but not so fast! There are other creative ways to use these items before they hit the trash.

Taryn Mohrman, lifestyle director at Woman's Day magazine, visited TODAY Wednesday to show how to make good use of the stuff you're ready to toss.


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The bread you bought way too much of last week is starting to get stale; should you throw it away? No! What if you break a glass or a mirror?

That's right. Bread is a great way to safely pick up broken glass shards. Hot dog buns and hamburger rolls will work, too, picking up all the hard-to-see slivers without slicing your hand. Simply take the soft inner part of the buns and and press it into the shards. Just be sure to throw it away immediately after to avoid scattering the broken glass.

Still have more white bread? Use it to erase smudges off a fingerprint-covered photo. The bread is porous, so it'll absorb all the oil that caused those pesky smudges in the first place without leaving scratches or ruining the photo.

Nail polish


Your favorite shade of nail polish used to be the go-to, but now it's half empty and getting too thick to create a smooth finish. Before you toss, put it up to these tasks!

No one likes the fear of getting a paper cut on your tongue from licking envelopes on a stack of party invitations or thank-you notes. Instead, use a swipe of your old nail polish to to seal them closed. In fact, it turns out much stronger than just wetting it with your tongue or a sponge.

What about identifying your keys? Dab some bright nail polish on the heads of your keys (a different color for each) to cut down on the confusing time spent searching for the correct one.

Pro tip: Choose a color that starts with the same letter as the location of the lock. For instance, use pink for the PO box or green for the garage so you'll never forget.

Still not impressed? You can also use old nail polish to prevent rust rings in your bathroom. Brush nail polish on the bottom of metal shaving cream cans, soap dishes and more to avoid having to scrub those stubborn soap scum and rust spots on your bathroom sink, counters and shower shelves.

Wine bottles

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Finish the bottle, throw it away. That's typically how it goes. But you should probably keep some of those bottles on hand — you can use them again!

For starters, old wine bottles will keep books upright on the shelf. Make a pair of bookends by filling two wine bottles with sand and re-corking them. Spray paint the outside or cover the bottom half with a piece of scrapbook paper that goes with your decor.

Another surprising use? Wine bottles are great for fashionably storing jewelry. Try displaying your bangles and cuffs on the neck of the bottle, then use the base to hold your stretchier bracelets, watches or even scarves.

Orange peels

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Orange peels don't have to go right in the garbage. In fact, the peels of your favorite summer fruit can be used for some simple home projects.

Rub the inside of the peel on fixtures like your faucet, shower head or other metal surfaces and they'll look as good as new. The peel has D-limonene, otherwise known as citrus oil, which removes tough stains like grease or fingerprints.

Got a stinky drain? An orange peel can fix that, too. Fill a tray with white vinegar and the peels. Freeze it and then grind a cube in the drain. It's that easy!