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Kayla Itsines easy bikini body workout: exercises from Bikini Body Guide

Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide is popular around the world. Here, the trainer shares five exercises you can do in your living room.
/ Source: TODAY

Kayla Itsines' workouts have a reputation: They're TOUGH, but not intimidating. Most of the exercises are simple body-weight moves you can do at home, but be prepared to sweat. She will not take it easy on you — even if you're working out in the living room with no equipment.

Itsines stopped by TODAY to share five simple exercises to help everyone get fit, without joining an expensive gym. Watch the video below for the full routine, and read the outlined descriptions below for more specific advice on how to do the moves.

This routine is beginner-friendly, so lace up those sneakers and get started!

1. Rebound lunge

Step forward on your right leg, bending your knee at a 90 degree angle. Then, without pausing, step backward with your right leg. Complete 15 repetitions on each leg.

2. Split squat

Jump outward into a squat and touch the ground between your feet, then jump your legs back to the starting position. Complete 15 repetitions.

3. Lay-down pushup

Lay down on the ground. Keep your knees on the ground (or rise up to your toes), and use your arms to push up your upper body. Then lower back down and reach your arms out in front of you. Complete 15 repetitions.

4. Shoulder taps


Start in a high plank position, with your body in a parallel line to the ground. Raise your right arm to touch your left shoulder, then alternate raising your left arm to touch your right shoulder. To make this move even more challenging, add a pushup after you complete a tap on both shoulders. Perform 15 repetitions.

5. Leg raises

Lie down on the ground and place your arms to the sides of your body. Raise your legs off of the ground and then slowly lower them. Repeat 15 times.

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