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Jessica Sepel shares 3 tips to create a healthy breakfast

Start your day with a combination of protein, fat and fiber-rich foods.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to breakfast, most people have three approaches: don’t feel like it, avoid it or don’t have time for it.

I’m here to change this for you.

As a clinical nutritionist based in Australia, I simply can’t express how important it is to eat a nourishing, nutritionally balanced breakfast. Eating a wholesome breakfast is a huge part of the health equation. It kick starts your digestion, boosts your metabolism and feeds your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

If you are following an intermittent fasting protocol, I understand if you don’t want to eat breakfast. But if you do, make sure it’s a balanced and supportive option.

A satiating breakfast will maintain stable energy and blood sugar balance throughout the day. It’s also essential for maintaining a healthy weight and is important for those struggling with low energy and sugar cravings.

From experiences with my clients, I have noted that people who eat a breakfast that’s rich in protein, fat and fiber will notice they have more energy, a stable mood and less sugar cravings throughout the day. If you start your day with a high-sugar and high-carb breakfast, such as cereal, pastry or just fruit on its own, you’ll set yourself up for a day on the blood sugar roller coaster and find yourself hangry later on.

Now, I know what most people will say: They're busy and simply don’t have time. I’m here to tell you that creating quick, easy and nutritious meals is 100 percent possible! It just takes a little planning and preparation. The healthy life is all about creating meals that fit into your lifestyle and support your nutritional requirements.

Here are some of my rules for a healthy breakfast:

1. It must contain protein, fiber and fats.

Have you ever had some fruit or cereal and ended up feeling hungry within an hour? If your meals aren’t balanced and don't contain the satiating macronutrients (protein, fat and fiber) then you’re not going to be satisfied.

2.Ditch the processed, refined and sugary breakfast.

That means no packaged cereal, white toast, pastries or fried foods. These foods contain refined carbohydrates, which will give you a hit of energy for 20 minutes, but leave you to come crashing down shortly after, making you reach for another coffee!

3. Be prepared.

No time in the morning? I’ve got you covered! The night before, you can prepare a protein-rich smoothie, overnight oats, chia pudding or yogurt with fruit.

Here are some other healthy breakfasts to keep in mind:

And here are some breakfasts to avoid:

  • Toast and jam
  • Boxed cereal
  • Boxed muesli
  • Sweetened and diet yogurt
  • Diet shakes and weight-loss shakes
  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Waffles with chicken/bacon
  • Pastries
  • Sweetened coffee, like frappuccino’s

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