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18 secrets to feeling happier and healthier in 2019

Ready to make 2019 your best year yet? Use these tips to help make it a reality!
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone has the same New Year's resolutions: lose weight, get healthy, eat better — but how many of us actually stick to them?

It's OK if you usually throw in the towel come February 1. Perhaps you weren't focusing on the right goals or resolutions. This year, we're here to help you! Check out the 18 tips to make 2019 your best year yet. And follow along with Start TODAY all year long for additional support and advice.

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Joy's diet tips:

Today nutritionist Joy Bauer shares her simple tips to help you start eating more mindfully this year. For more advice on changing your eating habits in 2018, check out Joy's Start TODAY plan.

1. Go topless.

Lose the top slice of bread on your sandwiches and burgers.

2. Limit your eating to 12 hours during the day.

For example if you start breakfast at 8 a.m., finish up dinner by 8 p.m.

3. Have three simple, delicious and healthy meals in your back pocket.

Check out these easy recipes you can whip up in less than 20 minutes: red pepper, chard and feta frittata, turkey black bean burger and slow cooker chicken and vegetable curry.

4. Drink two glasses of water before each meal.

5. Start the day with a protein-rich breakfast.

6. Swap out sweetened beverages.

Trade sodas, fruit punch, lemonade and sweetened iced tea for water (flat or carbonated, user's choice).

Ben's exercises:

Personal trainer Ben Bruno is ready to help you take your workout to the next level with these exercises!

7. Hip thurst

Complete three sets of 10 reps.

8. Reverse lunge

Complete three sets of 10 reps per leg.

9. Squat with leg bands

Complete three sets of 10 reps.

10. Rear foot elevated split squats

Complete three sets of 10 reps per leg. Watch a video of the exercise here.

11. Walking lunges

Complete three sets of 10 reps per leg. Watch a video of the exercise here.

12. Step ups

Complete three sets of 10 reps per leg. Watch a video of the exercise here.

Valorie Burton's mindfulness tips:

It's all about your mindset! Take these steps to change your attitude this year:

13. Make super specific goals.

In vivid detail, what does success look like, when will it happen and how will you know you’ve achieved it? The more specific you are, the more obvious your action steps become. Vague goals produce vague results. Be specific.

14. Know your "why" and "how."

WHY: What will this goal give you that you don’t have right now? Purpose fuels perseverance. Have a strong “why” behind your goal and you are far more likely to stick with it when it becomes difficult.

HOW: Coach yourself: What would I need to change in order to support this goal? Most people underestimate what it will take to reach a goal and it is the reason most people have totally forgotten the goal by the end of January. The bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment. “I want to work out three time a week,” is a good start, but when? What will need to change to make time for this goal?

15. Tell yourself the truth.

What’s the self-sabotaging habit you most need to conquer in order to reach the goal? Fill in the blank of this statement, “I hate to admit it, but ...”

Be honest about what’s held you back from the goal in the past. Then make the goal about addressing it. So for example, rather than simply, “I’m going to lose weight,” the goal becomes, “I’m going to find healthy ways to cope with my stress/insecurity/anxiety other than eating.”

16. Make it fun.

What would make the journey to my goal more fun? Research shows that positive emotion has a host of health and resilience benefits. For example, positive emotion helps you set better goals, see more options to get to the goal and persevere in the face of adversity. So invite a friend to join you, take a class or join a group that’s focused on the goal, and brainstorm ideas for making it fun or creating a game out of it.

17. Give yourself permission to be imperfect.

How would you feel if you knew your mistakes and imperfections would not keep you from the goal?Perfectionism is rooted in fear — fear that we’re not good enough, that mistakes are the end of the world, and falling down means never getting back up. If you buy into such fears, you are less likely to ever get started.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes and stumble on the way to the goal. Then when it happens, simply ask: What is the lesson being offered to me here? What will I do differently next time? Use your failures and mistakes as a learning tool.

18. Pinpoint the milestones and how you’ll celebrate.

What are the milestones along your timeline and how do you want to celebrate them? Anticipation is a happiness trigger. It produces positive emotions that keep you moving forward. Rather than having just one big milestone — the finish line — create multiple milestones along your journey to the goal. Then treat yourself and be sure to share the milestones with people who will celebrate along with you.

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