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Take your favorite workout to the next level with Hoda and Al

Al and Hoda already work out regularly, but they're ready to take their fitness to the next level.

Al and Hoda are already great at making fitness a big part of their routines. They both prioritize their workouts and try to squeeze them in before they begin their busy days. Al even bikes to work!

Their team goal for 2019 is to bike 1,000 miles together in 10 weeks (500 miles each). This plan below, was created by Le Sweat founder and SoulCycle Master Instructor Charlee Atkins, and can be modified for cycling or running or any other fitness modality. Bike 500 models in 10 weeks with Al and Hoda, or adapt this regimen to fit your favorite workout.

The intensity of each workout should feel like a six or seven on a scale of a one (“I could chat forever”) to a 10 (“so hard...can’t talk!”). This program varies the number of times per week and the amount of time spent working out.

“Think of these workouts as weekly tasks—chunks of time you’ll set aside—just like you would a meeting,” advised Atkins. Here are a few tips before you get started:

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  • Keep it fresh: Signing up for a fitness class is an easy way to quickly mark a workout off for the week, but if you’re exercising from home, traveling or dealing with a busy schedule, then you can use apps and streaming workouts to stay on track. For cycling, Peloton and Aaptiv are good options.
  • Bonus points: Try to fit in stretching every day for a minimum of 10 minutes (Atkins recommend five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night.)
  • Switch it up with strength or HIIT: This plan calls for one HIIT (high-intensity interval training), strength or yoga class a week in addition to three cycling workouts. This is to support muscles used in biking and also to keep them feeling fresh mentally. For the strength days, focus on heavy weights, low reps and keeping your pace slow. Depending on your fitness level, this could even mean you’re doing a Pilates class. For HIIT days, you want your heart to be pumping and sweat pouring. Think burpees and sprints.
  • Newbie tip: If you’ve never done a strength or HIIT class and the thought of showing up to a group class is scary, then try a digital or streaming workout.


In week one, aim for three of your favorite workouts, 30 minutes each. (They can all be the same — for example, three indoor cycling sessions.) You goal is to feel comfortable and strong as you kick your “new year, new sweat” fitness plan off.


Ramp up to four 35-minute workouts — and make at least one a strength-training session. This will support your cycling (or running, or other go-to regimen). Expect to feel some soreness in places you haven’t before. That’s you getting stronger!


Swap a HIIT workout for the straight-up strength session, plus do three of your go-to workouts. Max out at 30 minutes per session. You should feel less breathless during the workout as your endurance improves.


This week is a recovery week — you’ll still do four 35-minute workouts, but make one of them a yoga class to focus on flexibility. Say ahh, because you’re about to embark on month two.


You should feel like you have a good base level of fitness — every day stuff like walking up a flight of stairs or lifting groceries should feel easier. This week you’ll do three of your go-to cycling/running/insert your-favorite here session, but for at least 40 minutes each.


This week is all about taking things up a notch, and this is the time that you’ll probably notice new muscle definition and perhaps some weight loss, too. You’ll do five workouts: three of your go-to, one strength or HIIT session and one yoga class. Aim for 35 minutes per session.


Repeat week six, but feel free to do two instead of three of your go-to workouts if you’re feeling any fatigue, soreness or signs of mental burnout. It’s all about stoking your momentum now!


Keep it simple as you head into the homestretch! Three of your go-to workouts for 40-minutes each. Push yourself to at least a seven on that perceived exertion scale.


Your confidence should be up, up, UP (and so should your endurance and strength!). Do one HIIT or strength session and two sessions of your favorite activity. Aim for at least 40 minutes each.

WEEK 10:

You’ve got this. Finish strong with three 40-minute workouts (cycling, running, or whatever your go-to is) and add one HIIT or strength session.

You can follow the other TODAY anchors plans here:

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