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80-Day Obsession success: Mom loses 36 pounds, improves life

When Kim Monroe realized her weight was keeping her from being the best mom and wife she could be, she turned to 80-Day Obsession to make a change.
/ Source: TODAY

After having two children, Kim Monroe and her husband tried to have a third. But Monroe struggled to get pregnant. Devastated, she ate to cope.

“I was depressed because I wasn’t getting pregnant,” the Naperville, Illinois woman told TODAY. “I wasn’t healthy.”

When Kim Monroe started the 80-Day Obsession she struggled to do one pushup.Courtesy of Kim Monroe

Monroe, 42, who manages new product launches at a financial exchange, never lost all of the baby weight from her first two children. When she realized that she was not going to have another baby, she drank a little too much and ate junk and processed foods. At 5 feet 8 inches tall, she weighed 234 pounds and all of that weight impacted more than how she looked.

“I was in a really really bad place and I knew my kids and my husband deserved more,” she said. “I knew my personal life was affecting everything.”

So, she tried focusing on her health. After shedding a little weight, she became pregnant with her third child, a son, who was born in June 2017. Again, she failed to lose all of the baby weight, which disappointed her.

Finally, in January 2018 she dedicated herself to improving her health and reaching a healthy weight. That’s when she discovered the 80-Day Obsession, a weight-loss program focused on exercise and healthy eating for an 80-day period of time. Even though Monroe was still nursing her son, she found that she could eat plenty of food and still lose weight.

“My program amazed me,” she said. “I was eating the highest amount of food because I had to compensate for breastfeeding.”

Being overweight made Kim Monroe feel bad about herself. She realized that kept her from being the best mom and wife she could be.Courtesy of Kim Monroe

The meals focus on macronutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. People don’t count calories, but instead they eat smaller meals with the right nutrients every two to three hours. This helps them lose weight and build muscle.

“I eat six small meals a day,” Monroe explained.

She also liked the 80-Day Obsession because it emphasizes exercising. Monroe played volleyball in high school and college, which kept her at a healthy weight. She realized she missed being active.

“When I started working and having kids I completely let go of that routine,” she said. “I wasn’t doing a whole lot.”

When she first started working out, she struggled to do the easiest exercises. After years of inactivity, she simply did not have the stamina.

“I didn’t have any cardio endurance,” she explained. “I couldn’t do a pushup.”

But she slowly increased her endurance and now she can do 20 to 25 pushups without breaking a sweat. Since last January, she has lost 36 pounds. She hopes to lose more weight, but right now she loves how strong and healthy she feels.

“It changes you from the inside out. It just does,” she said. “If I didn’t take on this new lifestyle of fueling my body properly and exercising every day I am very sure I wouldn’t be here.”

Since losing 36 pounds, Kim Monroe feels happier.Courtesy of Kim Monroe

Monroe shares advice to others hoping to lose weight and improve their health.

1. Do what works for you.

Because she was always active, Monroe really wanted a program that focused on exercise and not just healthier eating. That’s one reason why she could stick with 80-Day Obsession.

“Find what works for you. Once you find it, hold onto it,” she said.

2. Make health a priority.

Like any parent with a demanding job, Monroe often put herself last. But committing to a healthier life makes her a better parent.

“People need to make (a healthy life) a priority,” she said. “We let go of so much because we try to juggle kids.”

3. ‘Don’t give up.’

Monroe felt frustrated when she couldn’t even do a pushup. But she kept trying until she could. When she tried lifting a five-pound weight, she strained. Yet, she kept trying until it was easier.

Since starting 80-Day Obsession Kim Monroe's endurance has increased greatly.Courtesy of Kim Monroe

“I can really conquer anything I set out to do as long as I am consistent and don’t give up,” she said. “I know what I am capable of and I learned how resilient I am.”

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