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Makeup hacks: De-clump old mascara with this easy trick

Stop tossing perfectly good makeup before it's expired. Instead, revive your dried-out mascara with this two-minute trick.
/ Source: TODAY

As women who love beauty products, we hate throwing out perfectly good makeup. So when our mascara dries out long before it's expiration date, it can feel like a loss — especially if we've invested in a pricier brand.

Instead of tossing that perfectly good mascara, try this two-minute trick that'll make the tube feel like it's fresh out of the package.

Step 1: Keep it!

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

We know that clumpy mascara feels icky, but there's no need to toss it well before the expiration date. Humidity, weather, where you story makeup and other conditions can cause the tube to dry out before it's time. Here's the easy fix.

Step 2: Grab a glass of water.

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Warm or even hot water will help break up the clumps and keep the formula feeling fresh.

Step 3: Put the mascara in the glass.

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Place the tube of mascara — make sure it's closed! — into the glass of water. Let it sit for about two or three minutes.

Step 4: And you're done!

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Feel free to take the newly refreshed makeup out of the glass and use it as normal. Notice how smooth it feels?

It's just that easy!

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