How to fix a broken lipstick in 4 easy steps

/ Source: TODAY

The only thing worse than your favorite shade being discontinued, is seeing your go-to lipstick tube completely bent out of shape.

Whether it's totally flat, overly arched or just worn down overall, misshapen lipstick can be nearly impossible to use correctly. How are you supposed to line your cupid's bow without a proper angle?

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Don't lose hope! This simple, four-step trick will reform your old lipstick back into its original shape. Here's how it's done.

Step 1: Light a candle

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Easy as pie!

Step 2: Soften the lipstick

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Hover the tube of lipstick over the candle so that the tube softens just a tad. Be careful not to melt or place it too close to the fire!

Step 3: Press into shape

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Using a spoon or other curved surface, gently press the top of the tube at a 45-degree angle.

Step 4: Allow to sit

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Let the newly reshaped tube sit for about five minutes so that it hardens once again.

And there you have! Your favorite shade now looks as good as new.

Makeup hacks!Stephania Stanley / TODAY