Hack the hoodie: It's the cutest kid costume trend on Pinterest

Halloween is around the corner, and we know there is nothing is more difficult when the weather is cold than encouraging your kids to wear a jacket to cover up their favorite new costume. But now you don't have to: behold, the hoodie costume.

Pinterest reports that, of the more than 5 million Halloween pins in 2015, the top trend in kids costumes are all about hacking the hoodie. Here, some cute and clever top pin ideas:

1. Shark

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This cute costume is totally on point, and simple to replicate. The grey sweatshirt and pants provide warmth, plus they get to wear an intimidating shark fin with teeth around their head.

2. Giraffe

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The giraffe costume works for boys and girls. This is a great handmade costume that you won’t have to argue with your kids to wear.

3. Thomas the Tank Engine

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Recreate this pop culture classic with a DIY costume made using felt and a zip up sweatshirt.

4. Dragon Boy

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Hands down and it looks like a regular hoody. Hands up and there are hideaway dragon wings. Genius!

5. Unicorn

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A pink hoody sweatsuit, white felt and a dash of glitter makes this DIY unicorn costume fun for any little girl.

6. Fox

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Embellish a brown hoody with pointy ears, a furry tail and tummy, and make a matching mask. Voila!

7. Flower

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We love the sweet petals and leaves that turn this ordinary green hoody into a foral delight. And, what little girl doesn't like a costume that needs a tutu?