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How to clean a blender in 3 easy steps

Cleaning blenders the old-fashioned way with a scrub brush is one of the more frustrating tasks, but this hack makes it fast and easy.
Spring cleaning hacks - make your blender clean itself
No need to scrub. Just make your blender wash itself.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

This is one of those cleaning hacks where you scratch your head and wonder why you didn't think of it in the first place.

Cleaning blenders the old-fashioned way with a sponge, blender-cleaning brush (or scrub brush), hot water and dish soap is one of the more frustrating dish-washing tasks, between squeezing those bristles beneath the blender blades, scrubbing stains off the sides — and don't even get us started with all that rinsing.

Well, say goodbye to that waste of time and welcome the new and improved way to wash that blender — or shall we say, the way to make your blender wash itself.

"My favorite way to clean the blender is to whirl it with dish soap and water as soon as you're finished using it," Natalie Wise, cleaning expert and author of "The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks," told TODAY.

"Blenders are notorious for getting dried-on smoothie, soups, and more stuck in their corners, but if you give it a quick pulse filled three-fourths of the way with warm water and a drop or two of dish soap, you will save yourself a lot of scrubbing time. Make sure the lid is on tightly, pulse for a second or two, then pour the water out and give it a rinse."

Ready to give it a try?

How to clean a blender

Blender cleaning: Before and after.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY
  • Step 1: Fill the blender halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.
Add warm water and dish soap.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY
  • Step 2: Put the blender on its base and turn it on for 30 seconds.
Run the blender.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY
  • Step 3: Dump the contents out, give it one quick rinse and be done!
Rinse out — and voila!Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

"If necessary, use a soft cloth to further clean the blender, then dry upside-down or with a rolled-up paper towel or soft towel inside to dry up residual moisture," says Wise. Now go forth and blend with no worries about scrubbing!

For a deeper clean, you can use distilled white vinegar. If you want to know how to clean a blender with vinegar or how to clean a cloudy blender, follow the steps above, but use a vinegar and water solution instead of dish soap.

This article was originally published on Sep. 15, 2015.