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Style your hair while you sleep and look good in the morning

Tips and tricks for preserving your hairstyle while you sleep and have gorgeous hair again the next day.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Oh, how we hate to say goodnight to our perfectly styled hair and cross our fingers that it will survive our slumber.

Because often, we do see that the party is really over when we look in the mirror in the morning.

You can, however, attain a beautiful bedhead, and wake up to the same (or even more gorgeous) style you went to bed with. Stylist Arsen Gurgov of the Louis Licari salon showed us how Tuesday on TODAY.

“Everyone complains to me, ‘Whenever you do my hair, I love it and how do I make it last into the next day?’” Gurgov told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

To help us wake up with a smile, Gurgov offered solutions for three styles of hair. And the only news better than knowing we can have great hair in the morning is that no major supplies or tools are needed.

Unicorn bun

The first model has long locks that he twisted up into a unicorn bun, which was held in place in the front of her head with a single hairpin and further secured with a hair net.

“It’s all about the twist,” Gurgov explained. “The whole point is to make it as a unicorn, right on top of your head. You twist it, twist it, twist it, and you only need one hair pin to seal it.”

beautiful bedhead
This long hair gets twisted into a unicorn bun that is secured with a single hairpin and a hairnet.TODAY

For the morning look, Gurgov removed the pin and net and tipped her head forward to shake out the hair. When she tossed it back, it was gorgeous.

Wrap it

The second model wears her hair straight. To preserve the look overnight, Gurgov used one roller at the back of the top of her head to keep some height, then he wrapped her hair around her head and pinned it close to the head.

For the morning look, she tipped her head forward, he shook it out and it looked full-bodied and fabulous.

beautiful bedhead
This straight style gets wrapped and pinned close to the head.TODAY

Top it with a T

The third model is a curly girl. Before bed, Gurgov twisted the hair on one side of the head, combined that section with the rest of the hair, and secured it on top of the head with one hairpin. He wrapped a cotton T-shirt around the head like a turban to help preserve her curls.

“With curly hair, using a net won’t quite keep it together,” Gurgov says.

In the morning, remove the shirt and pin, shake it out and another gorgeous look is ready to face the day.

beautiful bedhead
Curly hair gets pinned up and wrapped in a soft cotton T-shirt.TODAY

Gurgov also suggested we:

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase
  • Use spray-on dry shampoo if hair is oily in the morning
  • Use creaseless hair bands

These methods were all done on styled, dry hair. If, however, you want to go to bed with a wet head, here’s how you can wake up with luxurious waves without much work.

Nighty night, and see you looking good in the morning. contributor Lisa A. Flam is a news and lifestyles reporter in New York. Follow her on Twitter: @lisaflam