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The 1 simple tip to save you time and reduce stress and frustration

The trick that worked for Hoda Kotb might work for you, too!
/ Source: TODAY

Do you waste valuable time and energy constantly searching for those small everyday items on the way out the door in the morning? You're already late and now you can’t find your keys. You get to work only to realize you don’t have your badge. You go to pay for coffee and you don’t have your wallet.

These small missing items can add up to big frustration and unnecessary mental stress. Maybe you already have enough stressors in your life and the last thing you want to do is add more.

This is an issue TODAY's Hoda Kotb dealt with quite frequently. During the #startTODAY series, I worked with her to try to be more organized and less forgetful.

If you're like Hoda, this one small thing is for you.

What are we thinking? The answer is we’re not. This is a habit born out of mindlessness instead of mindfulness.

When we come home from a long day, our minds are still interacting with that day or some other topic through memory and internal dialogue. In other words, you have other things on your mind instead of noticing where you place your keys and scarf after you walk in the door.

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The mind is entertaining more important topics and giving no focus whatsoever to those small items that will create stress for you in the morning. What can you do? Follow these three easy steps and go from rushed and stressed to calm and organized.

Step 1:

Gather those small frequently used items that seem to never be where you thought they were.

Step 2:

Find a pretty pouch to keep in your purse, backpack or briefcase. Place the small items in your pouch. A clear plastic bag will also do the trick.

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Step 3:

Time to create a habit of giving these items your mindful focus for the next three days. Each night before bed, do an inventory check, ensuring the items on your frequently missing list are safely in place. When morning comes, you can walk out the door feeling like you have it all together!

This simple tip can save you unnecessary stress and frustration in your daily life. You don’t have to have your whole house organized to feel good. Just take care of the small stuff.

"I didn't realize something so small and tiny could make life simple," Hoda said, after just her first week using the pouch!

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