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Inside 'Trainwreck' closet: Designer reveals all on Amy Schumer movie

"Trainwreck" costume designer Leesa Evans shares the inside scoop on working with Amy Schumer and making characters lovable through clothes.
/ Source: TODAY

What kind of girl gets deemed a "trainwreck?" And how might said "trainwreck" dress in a (somewhat) respectable professional?

These are the kind of questions "Trainwreck" costume designer Leesa Evans had to ponder while working on Amy Schumer's buzzed-about new movie.

Watch below to find out how she tackled these quandaries and more!

Defining characters by their costumes

Schumer's character, also named Amy, works at S'nuff magazine with a team of strong personalities. Tilda Swinton, who plays Amy's boss Dianna, and Vanessa Bayer, who plays her close friend Nikki, each have style stories all their own. Hear what Evans has to say about portraying their differing personalities through clothes.

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How does a "Trainwreck" dress?

Although the character wears skirts that are just too short and outfits that are a bit outlandish for the occasion, Amy still seems polished enough to be likable. Here's how Evans walked the fine line between total disaster and lovable leading lady.