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One mom's mission to help Syrian refugee mothers carry their babies

One American mother is using baby carriers to help change lives across the world.
/ Source: TODAY

Moms have plenty of weight to carry — everyone knows that. But one American mother was so touched by images of suffering across the world that she found a small way to help lift their burden.

Cristal Logothetis started an Indiegogo campaign this past September to bring 100 baby carriers to Syrian refugees on the Greek island of Kos and found herself flooded with donations and messages from other moms hoping to help in their own way.

She's now preparing to head to Greece with about 4,000 carriers to distribute, an unprecedented number that's certain to change lives for the better. And her soon-to-launch nonprofit Carry the Future will continue to carry the torch.

"There's just something universally unacceptable about a 3-year-old boy having to lose his life because he's trying to get to safety," Logothetis explains in this video, which follows her and 10 other mothers as they prepare to head to Greece.

"What we're doing transcends religion and it transcends cultures," she continues. "...I think we can all agree that no children and no parent should be in a situation where they might have to put their child at risk to get to safety."

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