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Rokerthon 3: Al Roker brings the big freeze to Northern Michigan University

It's day two of Rokerthon 3, and TODAY's weatherman-and-more has stormed yet another college campus in his quest to rack up even more world records.
/ Source: TODAY

It's day two of Rokerthon 3, and Al Roker has stormed yet another college campus in his quest to rack up even more world records.

On Monday, TODAY's weatherman-and-more helped the students of the University of Oklahoma gain two entries into the Guinness World Record books — while he delivered the forecast, they formed the largest human images of a cloud and a lightning bolt ever.

Now Northern Michigan University has earned its place in the record books, too!

Rockerthon in on at NMU on March 28th 2017.Zach Pagano / TODAY

This school is already known for its outstanding fine arts and performing arts programs, as well as boasting a leading center for research and treatment of brain tumors. But on Tuesday morning, the student body hoped to add another distinction: home of the biggest game of freeze tag.

Zach Pagano / TODAY

Students gathered in the university's Superior Dome, which, as the world's largest wooden dome, was a fitting spot to host the grand game.

For those who need a refresher on freeze tag, it goes like this: Everyone runs around until tagged by an "it" player, at which point they freeze. A tag from another runner is all it takes to unfreeze. The game is over when all but one of the runners are frozen — except for any "its," of course.

Zach Pagano / TODAY

In order to claim the record away from the Thomas' School in London, who set the record in 2015, the NMU students needed more than 438 players and they needed to keep the game going for at least 15 minutes.

Zach Pagano / TODAY

With 634 players in the match, it was verifiable victory for the school!

A representative from Guinness confirmed the results on the spot.

What a morning! And keep in mind, Al's just warming up. Stay with us throughout the week for more Rokerthon 3 fun.

Zach Pagano / TODAY