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The 1 thing Adriene Mishler does every morning before looking at her phone

Try incorporating this into your morning routine!

A little goes a long way. Even if you know this because you’ve experienced it firsthand, that one little practice or walk with the dog or taking a bath instead of a shower can help you shift from rage mode to wanting to serve others and help the world become a better place.

Recently, I started to get back in the habit where I was looking at the screen before doing anything. Really, before anything. I realize everyone does that, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. And that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. So I started doing this thing called “Peace Before Screens.”

The idea is that you just give yourself five to 10 minutes. It could be a 10-minute sit or a yoga practice, just a little time before looking at screens. I was literally setting a timer to have a quiet sit before I looked at my phone and before I did emails. And the only goal is that you capture one little moment of peace — inner peace — before you hit the screens.

I know it sounds so basic but we don’t need to over-complicate it. I think it’s okay to keep it simple. Even if you lock yourself in the bathroom for two minutes and run cold water over your face — but that you do that action before the screens is the important part.

We live in this world where we’re on our screens all day. I can’t not be on my screen and have my business function. so I started sharing this idea, this hashtag #PeaceBeforeScreens.

Incorporating this time will rewire your brain. It seems really simple but you’re communicating to your brain each morning to have that quiet time before looking at a screen. You basically are working to curb your addiction.

Take that time to prioritize your inner peace and your relationship to yourself.

Adriene Mishler is the founder and star of the YouTube series "Yoga with Adriene."