Tye Tribbett on starting his day with prayer, breakfast and fitness

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/ Source: TODAY
By Christina Manna

Tye Tribbett is a New Jersey-based gospel singer, songwriter, choir director — and most importantly, family man. His latest album debuted at number one on the gospel charts and he's earned two Grammy Awards. But when he's not singing, you can find this performer at home, relaxing with his with his family.

“I start my day in prayer, talking to God,” he told TODAY.

After that, Tribbett keeps his morning routine simple. “I just get up, eat something small and start exercising,” he said. He sticks to cardio and upper body workouts on most days.

Courtesy of Motown Gospel

As for those days when he just wants to relax on the couch, he said the people around him and his career inspire him to get up and make things happen.

His best tip for everyone else? Be passionate about what you do! Tribbett suggests surrounding yourself with positive people and actively choosing to have positive thoughts.

He winds down at night by spending time with his family.

“At night I like to chill with my wife and my kids, we generally watch a movie and have dinner together,” he said.

Tribbett said that even though everyone gets busy, he always tries to spend as much time with his family as possible.

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