Savannah Guthrie has bad days too — here's how she manages it all

TODAY co-anchor Savannah Guthrie opens up about managing her busy schedule and not letting life stress her out.
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie has a lot going on. She's the co-anchor of TODAY, a children's book author (have you read her new book "Princesses Save The World," yet?) and a mom of two young children. Every day, she wakes up well before dawn and greets the country with a smile.

She clearly has a lot to be happy about, but how does she manage to focus on the good stuff?

"There's not a problem in the world that a hug from my kids can't fix," Savannah said. "They really have helped me find my inner happiness in a way I never could've anticipated."

But even Savannah Guthrie has bad days.

"I feel frustrated sometimes about things at work. I might get overwhelmed or tired because my kids are little. I might get sad or blue 'cause I feel bad about myself or how I look ... And sometimes, it is a struggle to just maintain a positive outlook."

In those moments, Savannah tries to focus on her blessings and gain perspective.

"I try to remember how lucky I am," she said. "Everybody has a bad day, and I think it's OK to sometimes feel sad."

Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager and Dylan Dreyer with their kids.dylandreyernbc/Instagram

Like everyone else, Savannah struggles with the role social media plays in all of our lives: "I think technology is probably like everything in life: Sometimes it makes you happy and sometimes it makes you feel terrible."

She loves FaceTiming her kids when she has to travel for work, but sometimes Instagram can bring her spirits down.

"You scroll through Instagram and you think, 'Well, I don't look like that,' or 'I don't have that.' We can all relate to those feelings. ... It's just like everything in life: moderation."

Her final advice is short and sweet: "Keep your eyes on the things that really matter, the profound things: your spirit, your faith, your family. That's it. That's happiness."