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Peek inside Alicia Silverstone's perfectly organized pantry and gorgeous kitchen

The "Clueless" actress has been a vegan for over two decades. She shares her favorite tips for living an eco-friendly lifestyle.
/ Source: TODAY

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As an actress, author, mother and co-founder of the vegan supplement brand mykind Organics, Alicia Silverstone is one busy environmental activist. But a peek into her sunny Los Angeles home reveals that she truly practices what she's been preaching for years.

Silverstone has been exclusively vegan for 21 years. She initially adopted the diet due to her love of animals but, after just a few weeks, was totally blown away by how amazing she felt after ditching meat and dairy. "It’s better for your health, animals and the environment," she told TODAY Food. When she was pregnant with her son, Bear (who is now 8-years-old), Silverstone struggled to find organic vitamins that were also vegan and lamented about how "producers can market themselves as natural without meeting any major criteria." Her struggle to simply find vegan pre-natal vitamins led to her approach the supplement company Garden of Life, with whom she eventually partnered to launch mykind Organics in 2014.

Now, her environmentally conscious lifestyle is also budget-conscious and it's surprisingly attainable for the rest of us mere mortals.

From a homemade wooden rack used to dry old plastic produce bags, to glass water bottles and repurposed jam jars, Silverstone's kitchen is full of little things that adhere to her philosophy of recycling as much as possible, whenever possible.

Alicia Silverstone's kitchen is functional, practical, and best of all, oversees a gorgeous mountain landscape.Caroline Sincaruk

To celebrate Earth Month, TODAY visited Silverstone's beautiful home, where she took us on a tour of her kitchen to see first-hand how anyone can create a beautiful space (that's also impeccably organized) and create delicious meals that are kind to Mother Earth, too.

From top to bottom, Silverstone's kitchen is filled with eco-friendly details. The kitchen's wooden floors utilize only untreated wood, so no chemical agents were used to stain or enhance the wood. And the wooden bookshelf beams in the kitchen are reclaimed, too.

The star's eclectic space is also a warm reminder that she's a doting mom. She encourages her son Bear, 8, to enjoy animal protein alternatives by whipping up fried tofu and green bean tacos he can easily grab from the fridge for a quick meal or snack.

Alicia reduces plastic consumption by filling glass bottles with house-filtered water.Yuri Alves

Another easy way Silverstone tries to be more eco-friendly? Glass water bottles can be reused almost indefinitely ... unless they break, of course. Silverstone fills them up with reverse osmosis, house-filtered water and foregoes plastic bottles that ultimately end up in the landfill, taking centuries to decompose. The actress is also a fan of reusable cutlery and straws.

Everyone's fridge has some curiosities. In addition to plenty of fresh produce and pre-prepped tofu slices, Silverstone keeps pickled veggies close at hand to spice up any dish and provide a little probiotic power. She's also a big fan of kuzu, a Japanese plant she uses in her cure-all drink. "If you are feeling sick or your tummy hurts, it wards off colds and flu, strengthens digestion and generally helps you feel well," she explained.

These energy balls helps to fuel Alicia mid-day.Yuri Alves

Her fridge is stocked with homemade vegan sweets, too, including "raw balls," a mixture of pureed dates, almonds, walnuts and carob rolled in coconut, which offer a quick energy boost.

Glass bottles are a healthier alternative to stow away dried grains and legumes as opposed to plastic containers with BPA.Caroline Sincaruk

And Silverstone's pantry is true Marie Kondo goals! It's easier to know when you're running low on grains and beans if they're stowed away in clear glass jars. Her pantry is lined with a plethora of dried protein options that she uses to whip up hummus, refried beans and more.

For storing homemade foods and drinks, Silverstone also reuses old jam, tomato sauce and soup jars. It's important to rinse any old food jar thoroughly before repurposing and make sure there are no cracks or dents on the glass or lids.

Silverstone washes and dries plastic bags to reuse. You can create a similar drying rack with a bottle and some chopsticks.Yuri Alves

Though the actress stays away from plastic whenever she can, she admits that sometimes the occasional plastic bag "comes into" her life. Well, that doesn't mean she just tosses it out. She washes plastic shopping bags, and then dries them out by hanging them on a homemade rack: it was made with a few chopsticks and an old bottle. "I just keep using them and using them, until they get a hole!" she said.

You won't believe how easy it is to mix up vegan caramel!Caroline Sincaruk

And when it comes to preparing food, the entire experience has become a ritual for Silverstone. Every week, she takes Bear to a local farmers market to pick up fresh, seasonal produce which will help determine what they eat for the week.

Of course, she has favorite dishes that she makes year round, too. One of her go-to treats? A vegan caramel recipe from her book "The Kind Diet," that couldn't be easier to make. "I do this if I'm about to get my period and I need something sweet," she explained. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of brown rice syrup with 1 tablespoon of almond butter and voila! She uses it as a fresh fruit dip, spreads it over vegan waffles or, as she said, "Really, the caramel is yummiest on its own — in your mouth."

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