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Let go of negative energy! How to cleanse your mind and body

Get inspired to feel better and be happier in your own way with advice from wellness editor and yoga instructor Christine Chen.
/ Source: TODAY

Christine Chen is an Emmy Award-winning news anchor/reporter, wellness expert and multi-certified yoga teacher. She tried yoga to cope with intense stress and chronic back pain and it helped transform her. She shares her favorite way to refresh your mind and body.

Christine Chen
Christine Chen

You may find joining a gym or completely changing your diet too challenging or expensive, but you don't always need money to boost your health. Get inspired to feel better and be happier in your own way, says the wellness expert.

“Just pick a few things you know you can do. Then you’ll start to see the change. It’s about making the right choices,” Chen says.

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Her “One Small Thing” is: Declutter your mind and let go.

Experiencing transition and changes throughout life may become stressful if you’re still holding onto the negativity that clouds your mind. The first step is to breathe and let go of things. This will make you feel mentally and physically better. You will feel lighter as you eliminate things you don’t need in your life.

“When you start to get rid of things that are clutter, you can systematically get rid of the negative energy that isn’t useful to you. Like with your closet, you can do it with your mind, and you’ll have more space in your head and heart for things that really make you happy,” Chen says.

Christine Chen
Christine Chen

Besides letting go of negativity, Chen is a firm believer in avoiding phones first thing in the morning and doing breathing exercises to cleanse the mind.

“Get out of bed, breathe, don’t check your email and maybe elongate the body to get your blood flowing. Fold forward and rise up. Lift your heart and breathe a little deeper. A few simple things can shift the entire beginning of your day,” Chen says.

Meditation in bed
Meditation in bedShutterstock

In the morning and throughout the day, take full inhales through the nose and exhale through your mouth fully; swiftly but also with a lot of verve, letting go any stress or negative energy. Continue to deeply breathe in and out, as you expand your belly and chest. This will help bring in fresh energy, release lethargic energy and support your digestive system.

Practicing these simple exercises for the mind and body will ultimately help you feel better. Conscious breathing and decluttering the mind can help relieve pain, reduce stress, and bring joy into your life.

Stephanie Giang is a production assistant at TODAY.