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'Bad' mom Kathryn Hahn has 1 simple way of finding her happy place

For TODAY’s One Small Thing series, the actress and mom of two explains her favorite way to unwind and relax – solo.
/ Source: TODAY

As an actress and mom of two — son Leonard is 11, and daughter Mae is 8 — Kathryn Hahn doesn’t exactly have time to lounge around listening to the sounds of nature while sipping meticulously squeezed fresh juices. She’s open about the “chaos” of her life, of being her kids’ “sherpa,” who shuttles them from one after-school activity to another, and of making things up as she goes along.

So that’s why Hahn, who has starred in “Bad Moms” and “Transparent,” finds her zen when she can. And she tries to incorporate it into her days when possible.

Her favorite way to reconnect with herself: “Sitting by myself and reading during a lunch is such a treat for me. I love having lunch by myself in a restaurant.”

She's also learned to never compare herself to others, because despite what you see on social media, everyone has their own issues. She also stresses how important it is to reach out to your network of fellow parents when you need help.

"I don’t have a ton of extended family out here. You do have to ask for help. I’m lucky to have an awesome husband and partner who’s hands-on as well," she said.

She also walks her dog, and works out whenever possible.

“I do like to break a sweat for my mental health. It’s good to move. I take a class called Pop Physique. It’s only an hour. It hits every part but not all at the same time. I like it. It’s like a meditation,” she said.

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