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Save calories on Super Bowl Sunday with this healthy 7-layer dip

Joy Bauer's seven-layer dip is only 130 calories for a hearty serving — and it's delicious!
/ Source: TODAY

Ready to tackle game-day temptations? Whether you’re a serious football fan, or are just watching for the commercials and half-time show, you'll likely be surrounded by a plethora of fattening foods. If you’re watching your waistline, here's one small thing that will help you walk away with a win — no matter which team you’re rooting for.

Go half and half! During the first half of the game eat only healthy foods (think veggies and my skinny dip!) and save the other, "junkier" foods for the second half. It’s a great strategy to help tame your appetite and control the amount of fattening fare you consume.

If you don't think there will be any veggies or healthy dip options at the party, bring your own. Try my delicious seven-layer skinny dip. It's simple, indulgent and only 130 calories for a hearty serving. Get the recipe!

Remember, you don’t have to deprive yourself, just push off the chips, chili, pizza, cookies, brownies — and even the Philly cheesesteaks, for a bit later. Chances are, by filling up the good stuff first, you'll eat way less of the other goodies later — touchdown!

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