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John Cena shares the 1 thing that helps him start his day

For TODAY's One Small Thing series, Cena shared his healthy habits and what motivates him in the morning.
/ Source: TODAY

John Cena has a packed schedule, with his wrestling career, film work, frequent visits to TODAY and wedding planning.

So, how does the 40-year-old WWE Superstar and actor manage to juggle all of the above?

For TODAY's One Small Thing series, Cena revealed what motivates him in the morning.

"Just a simple change of perspective can help start your day," he said. "Sometimes we don't feel so good. If I've had a big match, I certainly wake up with a few bumps and bruises. Oftentimes, after an active weekend or a long week, it's tough to get going. Or maybe we have a huge schedule that day, and we're like 'Oh man, I have to do all these things.' Just change it slightly to 'I get to do all these things.' You get to. And that is a really good way to change your perspective to start your day so we can kick the day's butt."

John Cena lifts Al Roker during a visit to TODAY.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

As for other healthy habits, Cena says he simply tries not to overindulge.

"I, like everybody else, love food, I enjoy life," he said. "I love social time. But recurring bad choices as far as diet, as far as too much indulgence, are going to lead you to being unhealthy. So just overall make good decisions."

However, he makes one exception when it comes to quality time with fiancée Nikki Bella.

“I enjoy wine at the end of the day, especially with Nicole because it allows us to unwind," he said. "A bottle of wine to me is a conversation because you can't just chug it. You have to enjoy it and sip it. Especially, we like deep-bodied reds. They need time just to open up. So, it's our way to share conversation — guilty as charged.”

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