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Sitting at a desk all day? The 1 stretch you need to try

If you spend the day hunched over a computer, the high lunge will help increase flexibility and release tension.
/ Source: TODAY

You don't have to be able to do a handstand or pretzel to enjoy the benefits of yoga. It is a great practice to enhance your flexibility, stretch your muscles and help you focus on your breathing. Bonus: Its meditative qualities can help you relax and unwind before or after a busy day.

Since most of us spend so much time sitting and staring at our phones and computers, there's even more reason to take up the practice. The hunched position causes our shoulders and hips to become extremely tight.

If this sounds familiar, vow to do this yoga pose: high lunge with hands bound behind you. This quick and easy pose will start to reverse the tightness in the hips and shoulders. Whether you do it right after you wake up, at lunchtime or at the end of a long day — it will work wonders on your body.

Here's how to do it: Begin by stepping into a high lunge, stacking your front knee over your ankle and your arms reaching up overhead. This alone will begin to stretch out your hip flexors and relieve some tension in the low back. Next, lower your hands behind your back and interlace your fingers. This will begin to open up your chest and shoulders. Hold this side for 10-20 breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Try these other stretches: