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Hilaria Baldwin shares a simple stretch to relieve holiday stress

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a minute to yourself and try this stretch.
/ Source: TODAY

Feeling stressed with holiday shopping, hosting family and juggling work party after work party? Yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin has a simple stretch to help you unwind and relax.

You don't need any equipment — just two minutes and some floor space.

Here's how to do it: Interlace your fingers behind your head. Inhale as you arch your back and open up through the chest as you lean back. Exhale, pressing all of the air out, round your spine as you arch forward and bring your elbows together. Repeat 10 times, while focusing on your breath. Take long, deep breaths and relax your shoulders.

"Don't let anything stress you out," Baldwin said. "It's never, ever worth it."

If you're looking for more stretches, check out Baldwin's Instagram video below. She shares two more simple stretches that are great for anyone and can be done anywhere.

Stretch the stress away this holiday season!

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