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No time to exercise? Hilaria Baldwin has a 1-minute ab workout for you

The yoga instructor shares the simple ab exercises that she squeezes in throughout the day.
/ Source: TODAY

Hilaria Baldwin knows she's not the only one who doesn't always have time to hit the gym.

After recently giving birth to her fourth child with husband Alec Baldwin, the yoga instructor has a lot on her plate. But that doesn't mean she can't squeeze a quick workout into her busy schedule.

"The thing that you should do every single day, if you can manage, is a little bit of (an) ab workout," Baldwin said in a video for our One Small Thing series.

Watch the video above for one of her ab workouts, or follow the directions below the next time you're crunched for time.

First, lie on your back with your knees up, as if you were about to do a situp. Raise your upper back off of the floor.

"This is going to engage your rectus abdominis, your six-pack," Baldwin said. "I promise you it is there."

With your arms by your side, take turns stretching each arm towards your toes, alternating between your left and right arms to work out your obliques. Do this 20 times.

Then, return to your starting position and do 10 situps with your hands on your head, being careful to keep your chin up.

Once you've finished, Baldwin recommends winding down by pressing your feet together into a butterfly position and taking a few deep breaths.

"And then you're ready to go back to the madness of your life!" she said.

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