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Change this 1 setting on your phone for better sleep

Tired of being tired? Try changing this simple setting on your phone so that you can get the rest you need.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, falling asleep seems to take forever. Well, according to Dr. Oz, adjusting one simple setting on your phone can help you get a full eight hours.

"The number one problem we're facing is electronics," he said on TODAY. "I'm talking about the actual light itself. You want to turn off the blue light on your phone ... Take your phone out, go to settings and set it right now so at 9:00 tonight or 10:00 tonight you turn off the blue light part."

Blue light, which comes from all electronics, keeps your brain from going to sleep, Oz explained.

"Think about when you're a little kid, going out camping," he said. "The sun sets, everyone's tired. Why? Because the sun has orange rays and tells the brain to release melatonin. It tells your body it's late at night. By showing blue light, which is what the sun does in the morning, you're telling your brain to wake up."

Oz recommended that people distance themselves from their phone at least an hour before bedtime, but if that isn't an option, try changing the settings so that the blue light is limited and you can sleep easier.

Apple users are in luck, since iPhones have a "Night Shift" setting, which limits blue light for a designated period of time. Some Android devices have similar settings, but they aren't as universal as they are for iPhone users.

How to set it up:

Go into the main settings menu, and then select "Display and Brightness."

From the display and brightness menu, select "Night Shift," and switch it from off to on.

Night Shift Mode Screenshot
You can also select "from sunset to sunrise" that automatically estimates the time to shift the colors of your display.Kerry Breen

Set for sunset to sunrise, or set your own schedule. You can also change the "color temperature," making the display more or less orange-toned.

Most people schedule the "night shift" from sunset to sunrise.
Most people schedule the "night shift" from sunset to sunrise.

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