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The secret to a foolproof French manicure every time

What's the secret to frustration-free nail art? This French manicure trick!
/ Source: TODAY

Who knew that a simple rubber band would be the secret to frustration-free nail art?

Nailing a tricky French manicure by yourself and gaining more control when polishing with your non-dominant hand has never been easier. Go classic, monochromatic — like fuchsia with pink petal tips — or experimental with negative space manicures in the comfort of your own home!

(And if you're still struggling to remove a ring that's stuck, we've got you covered.)

Step 1:

Polish nails with a base coat and let dry.

Step 2:

Tie the rubber band into a knot in the middle so that there are two loops.

Anna De Souza / TODAY

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Step 3:

Slip one loop over nail you're polishing and slide the other onto the thumb to anchor it in place. The band is pliable so adjust it into a slight half-moon shape that follows the contour of your nail.

Step 4:

With white polish (or the color of your choice), paint the tip of the nail in small strokes outward from the rubber band.

Anna De Souza / TODAY

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Step 5:

Remove the rubber band carefully before the polish dries. You risk smudging the edge if you leave the rubber band on for too long.

Step 6:

Top it with a with a generous layer of topcoat to blur any small imperfections on the surface. And you're set!